Sharon Stone on why she wanted to be naked in The Muse

Keerthi Mohan
Sharon Stone


Being naked on camera is not often a comfortable experience for actors, but when Sharon Stone undressed for a scene in The Muse, it was not at the director's instructions.

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The actress played Sarah Little in the Albert Brooks' 1999 comedy, and one scene had her throwing off her robe and jumping into bed with Andie MacDowell's character Laura. Stone opened up about the scene on the Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast and said that it was she who wanted to be nude in that particular scene.

Stone said: "I talked Albert Brooks into allowing me to be naked in The Muse. I wanted to be naked, because in the scene with Andie MacDowell, [my character doesn't] want her to be in the bed with me, and I'm like, 'the best way to not have in the bed with me is to not have any clothes on.'

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"And Albert's like, 'well what would that look like?' and I'm like, 'it would look like my big ass getting in the bed naked and it's funny because she would be horrified. She'd be so horrified that I did that, that she wouldn't get in."

Stone is of the belief that nude scenes are vital only if it increases the "impact and importance of the scene." Stone celebrated her 59th birthday last month and she gave her Instagram followers a peek into her celebrations by sharing a video of her birthday dance.

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