Sharman Joshi Requesting 'God to Kill Virus' in 3 Idiots is The Most Relatable Dialogue During Coronavirus Lockdown (Watch Video)

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As the fear of Coronavirus has gripped the world, most people are in self-quarantine to protect themselves from the deadly disease. Meanwhile, people are sharing their quarantine stories on social media platforms.  From funny kid videos to hilarious pet stories, netizens have a lot to tell about their quarantine days. Meanwhile, a scene from the 2009 Bollywood movie 3 Idiots starring Aamir Khan, R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi is going viral on social media platforms. Referring to the college principal (Boman Irani) to a virus, a drunk Sharman Joshi requests God to "take the virus away from the Earth". And internet users can't believe how much the dialogue is related in the current ongoing crisis situation. Extroverts vs Introverts in Quarantine Funny Memes: Jokes on How Different People Are Dealing With Social Distancing Trend Online.

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He says, "Bhagwan, me non-veg chod dunga, hazar agarbatti jalaunga, bas ek kaam karde, Virus ko iss duniya se utha le Bhagwan. Narak me jala usse, garam tel me pakode bana uske, Bhagwan." (God, I will stop eating non-vegetarian food and light 1000 incense sticks for you and in return, I want only one thing. Please take Virus away from this Earth and burn him in hell and fry him in hot oil.) A Twiter user shared the video with the caption, "The dialogue of movie 3 idiots we all want to say!" WFH Funny Memes: These Relatable Jokes on Working From Home Will Keep You and Your Coworkers Motivated With Some Humour.

Watch The Video Below:

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As the video went viral, Twitterati came up with various responses. People could not stop laughing about the relevance of the dialogue to the scenario. Some of the comments read, 'Relevant today', 'Need of the hour' and 'Very Nice sense of humour'. We are sure people are quite amused by the relevance of the video in today's times.