Shark Hangs Out of Fishermen's Car on Sydney Highway, Video Goes Viral

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Riders along the Sydney M5 highway were shocked when they saw a shark protruding out of a car on the busy road. Fishermen were carrying a 2.4-metre, 165kg mako shark from the Botany Bay to Cecil Park in the western part of the city. But the huge shark could not fit into the car and its face with its razor-sharp teeth was left hanging outside, giving not so pleasant display for the passersby. A group of fishermen got this prized catch and were taking it back to their home by road. A video of the same was shared on Facebook and people were not really impressed. Fishermen Catch Shark in Fishing Net, Release it Back in Ocean Within Minutes, Watch Video.

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Their boat was hooked to a vehicle and the shark could not fit into the boat, left with its dangerous face outside. The shark was taken so it could be cooked for a meal of four families. Nathan Struck was quoted to the Daily Mail, "Basically what we do, is go out for day of fishing and catch one every 3-4 months. Then we go home, process and vacuum seal everything (usually late at night so its cooler) and once that's done, we distribute among four different families." 'Biggest' White Shark Spotted in Hawaii: Divers Swim Together With the Great Predator, Watch Video and Pics.

Watch Video of a Huge Shark Hanging Out of a Car on a Highway in Sydney

Doesn't it look scary? Watching a shark hanging out of the car while driving by a busy street has to be one of the most unconventional spottings of the huge marine creature. Some people on social media were praising the fishermen, others were disappointed by the way it was carried around by the group. The fishermen, however, assured that the group was not boasting about the catch but the huge fish did not fit into their car.

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