'What is shameful about dancing?': Twitter mocks user who shared minister Imarti Devi's dance video

Twitter has mocked political analyst Pradeep Bhandari for sharing Minister of women and child development in Madhya Pradesh, Imarti Devi's dance video.

He shared the video and wrote, "While the crime against women are cause of concern in MP and whole nation, here is Imarti Devi, minister of women and child development in Madhya Pradesh dancing shamelessly."

However that did not go well with the Twitter users. "What is wrong with dancing? What is “shameless” about this? It is this mindset which is a problem," wrote journalist Nidhi Razdan.

Another journalist Marya Shakil wrote, "Is dancing a crime? Or is a woman dancing your problem? Or a woman in position of power dancing an issue? This is worse than saying women in shorts and those who venture out at night get raped. It’s this very mindset that seeds violence against women."

Pradeep Bhandari later clarified his comment. He wrote, "By shamelessly I didn’t mean her dancing skills or dancing at the wedding. Just few days ago a 5 year girl was raped in Mahu and another girl was brutally stabbed in Jabalpur, and she did nothing as WOMEN CHILD DEVELOPMENT MINISTER. That for me is shamelessness."