Shahram Jazayeri, Famous Iranian Entrepreneur; the Man Who Made Billions in His Youth!!!

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Q: Could you please tell us more about yourself?

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I am Shahram Jazayeri, an Iranian economic entrepreneur and investor, 49 years old, married and has three children. From the age of 14, I started a small business in the market. I have a professional Doctorate degree, and reading for at least 10-12 hours a day is the food of my soul. And I have had many writings and numerous lectures and useful training classes in the field of business and commerce and management in the micro and macroeconomics sector. To the extent that many enthusiasts express me as the master of expressing kindness and love to me, and the fact that I can share my knowledge with others polishes my soul.

For more than thirty years until now, I have successfully completed various economic activities from small to large, the most important of which can be in the production sector of aluminum factories and power plants, etc. with a volume of investment of more than one billion dollars and in services sector of the largest software manufacturer company in the private sector ;In the commercial and trade sector, the export of hundreds millions of dollars of various goods to all over the world and the holding selling goods exhibitions in Africa and creating more than 5-7 thousand employees .....

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Be considered that based on the extent of economic activities volume as necessary; The issue of my originality credit was considered by the Supreme Court, which, as the only economic person in the world, is the highest judicial authority in my country, namely the Supreme Court; I have received millions of dollars in incentive prizes for earlier settlement than scheduled of court and my commitments, and I have been a good taxpayer throughout my career.

Although I may not have achieved the success I wanted in my past work, I have never failed in my job; Because I basically do not believe in the word and concept of defeat and fail, and all the issues that are interpreted as "failure" in the opinion of others have been valuable experiences and a necessary prelude to great victories ahead.

My main and experimental expertise in economics and trade; The unique knowledge of creating and launching large and small businesses with my own creative formula "consists of first: three strategies of the executive project and second: legal structure and third: media " that I have been able to create excellent solutions to opening stock symbol And to establish many companies in the capital market and stock exchange, and by doing this, I have reached the theory of liquidity and create added value, which in itself has solved many problems and various crises in the private sector of my country.

And the most important of them is to help solve the crisis of padideh Shandiz with more than millions of shareholders and stakeholders. With four actions:

The first is the continuation of economic activity from the legal aspect, the second is giving compensatory shares to the people, and the third is the creation of a bank unit document. The fourth is the opening stock symbol in the OTC market.

So shandiz was able to get out of the crisis, and I'm proud to have made an effective contribution to the padideh shandiz; Although this action has not only not financial benefit for me, although, I have incurred a lot of spiritual costs, but I am happy to fulfill my human duty in helping my compatriots. In addition to millions of dollars in cash and non-cash donations, I have paid my humanitarian duties to my people and country. And this model of humanitarian aid made my dream come true. I will continue as long as I live.

Q: What do your economic goals rely on?

My economic goals rely on knowledge and expertise of providing crowdfunding through absorbing small capitals and using them correctly and directing them towards large projects with the aim of sustainable development through various ways, especially stock exchanges and capital markets, and the use of credit insurance and Also, mastery of crypto currencies technology and knowledge is one of the main methods and managing applications and capital which I intend small digital businesses collection in the short term.

And I have written numerous articles in which I have made a firm public statement five years ago; crypto currencies will be a successful technology in the future, and I encouraged everyone to learn about this modern industry that I announced in my interviews.

And in my opinion, the lack of sufficient support for crypto currencies is their main challenge and weakness, for which I have proposed an operational solution in a detailed article, and I am sure they will use it soon.

I have never regretted anything in my life and I have always achieved everything I wanted and wished, so that the media always asks me, "Are our dreams a memory for you?'' and I firmly say: Yes. "

My long-term goals are to plan and execute large projects in the near future, which I intend to relying on these valuable experiences, vast knowledge and gained skills by creating crowdfunding platforms and electronic coins; Develop the digital economy and, with the permission of mankind, enter my feet in the field of quantum economics and provide the simplification of quantum concepts in economics for people of the world. Using game theory in this way is the right tool that I have mastered enough. Shahram International Bank with the aim of creating and establishing numerous companies with different uses and creating great and innovative opportunities in the volume of one thousand billion dollars in 200 countries is one of the most important future operational goals that I am very close to.

And because in my dear country Iran, in terms of the extent of past economic activities, I have sensitivities; Here, I explicitly declare that I will not carry out any economic activity inside Iran and all my activities will be in the international space and obeying the international laws and regulations.

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The last word:

A very good sentence has always given me energy to do great things:

"Soon I will do something again to make the universe proud of me."

So wait for my big dreams to come true ...