Shahid Kapoor Wants A Padmavati Trailer Cut For Him After Getting Overshadowed By Ranveer Singh? Entertainment Desk
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Shahid Kapoor Wants A Padmavati Trailer Cut For Him After Getting Overshadowed By Ranveer Singh?

Padmavati is all set to release on December 1, this year

Rumour has it that Shahid Kapoor is upset with the Padmavati trailer. Why, you ask? Well, anyone who has watched it will tell you that out of all the three characters, if there is someone who has left everyone impressed with his look and body language, it’s Ranveer Singh. His transformation as the conniving and menacing Delhi Sultanate ruler,  Alauddin Khilji has left everyone in awe of the actor. Deepika Padukone who is playing the titular character looked gorgeous, but Ranveer managed to outbid her as well with his avatar.

We hear, Shahid who is essaying the role of Rani Padmavati’s husband, Raja Rawal Ratan Singh, wants director Sanjay Leela Bhansali to cut out a separate trailer for his onscreen character. It seems Shahid doesn’t want to be overshadowed by any of his co-stars in the film. Another rumour doing the rounds is that Shahid wasn’t too happy with the posters as well. While Deepika’s look came out first and got everyone excited about the movie, Ranveer’s look came out last, leaving everyone in awe of him. His look, on the contrary, went relatively unnoticed, as his poster was sandwiched between the two and that left him mighty upset. (ALSO READ: Pic Of Baby Misha Sleeping Peacefully In Shahid Kapoor’s Arms Will Brighten Up Your Day)

Before Bhansali chose Shahid, he had approached Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and Shah Rukh Khan for the role, each of whom declined it. The reason behind SRK dumping the role was that he felt it wasn’t meaty enough. Apparently, Shahid agreed to the role on an assurance that the part was good enough and that the pay cheque was almost close to what Ranveer demanded ie nearly Rs 7-8 crore. Now it remains to be seen if Sanjay Leela Bhansali complies with his demands.