Shahid Kapoor holding Mira Rajput’s bag during their date night is a note to all you husbands out there – view HQ pics

Pooja Nayak
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Shahid Kapoor holding Mira Rajput’s bag during their date night is a note to all you husbands out there – view HQ pics

How cute, Shahid Kapoor?

Okay, we have seriously forgotten the times Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have set couple goals. Whether it’s by walking hand in hand and letting the world know how they are inseparable, twinning with their outfits or just proving how they are best friends first and then husband and wife by appearing on Neha Dhupia’s Vogue BFF chat show, Shahid and Mira are doing it all things cute to scream love and togetherness. So it comes as no surprise that even last night when they stepped out for dinner, they ensured to turn heads with their PDA,  but the highlight here being – Sasha holding Mira’s bag, while the wifey continued to smile and pose for the paparazzi. I mean, it’s not that he was forced to hold the bag…If you look closely, he held it only for sometime as most of the pictures have Mira holding it in the same hand that’s locked in Shahid’s hand. But the fact Sasha didn’t mind walking with his wife’s bag only proves how loving he is..

Let’s not forget how much Shahid adores Mira. Break into his Instagram account and you will find quite a few pictures of him just gazing at his ‘baby wife’ with the latest pic being, the one that he captioned saying, “Who’s that stunner, clicked by me.” Here, check out all the pictures from ShaMir’s date night below:





Reminds us of one of the first interviews of Shahid about Mira. He had recalled to the day he met her saying,”I’m still falling in love with her….a bit more every day. The first time we met, we spoke for seven hours. We were at a friends’ farmhouse in Delhi. We went for a walk outside and the sun was setting behind her. I realised her eyes were not dark. They had a hazel tinge. That moment, I felt shayad main iss ladki se shaadi kar sakta hoon. But I also told myself, “What are you thinking? Bees saal ki hai besharam!” Who knew, one day they’ll turn out be this match made in heaven, living their chapter of happily ever after, one moment at a time…