Shah Rukh Khan’s Grandmom From Devdas, Ava Mukherjee Passes Away At 88

Mehfooz Abbasi
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Shah Rukh Khan’s Grandmom From Devdas, Ava Mukherjee Passes Away At 88

RIP Ava Mukherjee.

Veteran Indian film actress Ava Mukherjee has passed away today. The actress was of the age of 88 at the time of death. Ava Mukherjee was one of the most popular faces in the advertisement industry as well. The late actress began her acting career with Bengali film Ram Dhakka, which was directed by Taru Mukherjee in 1966.

After her debut, the actress was absent from the film industry for a very long time. She returned to the film industry with the Hindi film titled Snip! (2000). The actress has played the role of a grandmother in many an occasion, with her kind and gracious mannerisms coming as a rather unique skill set to for the directors to work with. After Snip, Ava landed the role of Shah Rukh Khan’s grandmother in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s adaptation, Devdas (2002). She is known best for this role, winning many hearts with her performance. ALSO READ: Hindi Medium Actress Saba Qamar Breaks Down While Talking About Humiliation She Faced For Being A Pakistani (Video)

Ava Mukherjee was also quite versatile in her craft. She was later seen in the 2009 horror flick Darna Zaroori Hai. The film directed by her daughter, Romilla Mukherjee, saw the actress play the role of a scary grandmother who sits down a bunch of strayed students to tell them scary stories. The actress was last seen in Detective Naani (2009).