Shah Rukh Khan’s Alternate Career Option Will Excite All New Mommies

Smrity Sharma
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Shah Rukh Khan may be one of the biggest and most successful Indian actor and a global icon, but ever wondered what he would have would have chosen as a profession instead if he had all the money in the world? Well, the superstar, who indulged in an #ASKSRK session today with his fans, made quite a revelation about the same. A fan asked him what he would have taken up if he had all the financial security and yet had to have some kind of a job. Within a few seconds, the star replied, “Babysit.”

Aah! Well we have seen what a doting dad he is to his kids and how he loves for his little one Abram, to tag along wherever he goes. It is only natural for SRK to love being around kids. He revealed this as well in another tweet when asked if Adira Chopra’s birthday party, which he attended last evening with Abram, was fun. To this, SRK said, “Yes, even I had lots of fun. I love kid parties.” We are sure, no new mommy would say no to such a caring babysitter who loves to pamper the kid silly.

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While he gears up to get feedback on Ted Talks India, which premieres on television today and also gets ready to host the Lux Golden Rose Awards 2017 tonight in Mumbai, Shah Rukh spent his first half of the day playing with his little one. When a concerned fan asked if he is done with lunch, SRK said, “Ate something Abram was eating.” It is heartwarming to see how the superstar Khan spends all his off duty time with his kid. Even in his interviews, he is the most happy when quizzed about Aryan or Suhana. He can go talking about them, the life lessons he has tought the, or learnt from them and their future plans and his ambition for them. There is something so sexy about a man who talks lovingly about his kids. And Shah Rukh Khan makes our hearts melt each time he does that!