Shah reacts to foreign attention over farmers' stir; AMU alumni booked for sedition | Top Headlines

1. Busting 'Pre-scripted campaign'
The government busts anti-India propaganda originating from abroad. Times Now accesses the dossier that reveals a preplanned and well-scripted conspiracy to malign India.

2. Lens on Indian collaborators
Greta Thunberg & Rihanna's planned outrage triggers off a massive fight; the lens is now on the collaborators of the foreign influencers back in India. Times Now puts the pieces together.

3. Greta's delete tool kit decoded
Teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg deleted tool kit exposes a global nexus to defame India.

4. Clear Khalistani link to propaganda
A clear Khalistani link to the anti-India campaign now emerges, the website run by self-proclaimed supersessionist finds mention in Greta's now-deleted manual as well.

5. Twitter censors Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut's tweet response to Rihanna is now removed by social media giant Twitter claiming that the post had violated the laws and action is in line with the enforcement options.

6. Opposition throngs Delhi borders
Congress, DMK, TMC, NCP as well as AAP MPs are taking stock of the situation at the Ghazipur border in Delhi.