Shabnam, Who Killed 7 Family Members With Her Lover, May be 1st Woman to be Hanged in India After Independence; Know All About Her Case

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Mathura, February 17: Preparations have begun in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura for the hanging of a female convict, Shabnam. If the hanging takes place, Shabnam will be the first female prisoner to be hanged in the country after Independence. She was awarded death penalty for killing seven members of her family in 2008. Her lover Salim, who was also involved in the killings, was also sentenced to death. The date of hanging, however, is not fixed yet. Patna: School Principal and a Teacher Gets Death Sentence for Raping Class 5 Student.

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Who is Shabnam? Shabnam would live with her family in Amroha. She was arrested on April 19, 2008, five days after the murders, along with Salim, her lover. She was seven weeks pregnant when she was arrested. She delivered a baby in December 2008. She has a double MA (English and Geography) and taught at the village primary school. Salim is a Class VI dropout who worked at a wood sawing unit outside Shabnam’s home. President Mukherjee Was Very Thorough with Mercy Petitions, Says Daughter.

What Happened on April 14, 2008?

Around 2 am, Shabnam cried for help. Neighbours thought a robbery had taken place and jumped the boundary wall to rescue Shabnam. Police arrived and found Shabnam’s father Shaukat Ali, 55, mother Hashmi, 50, elder brother Anees, 35, and wife Anjum, 25, younger brother Rashid, 22, and cousin Rabia, 14 and 10-month-old Arsh dead.

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Shabnam initially told police that she was sleeping on the terrace since it was hot and had come down as it started raining and came to know about the murders. However, investigators found out that all murders were done by Shabnam and Salim because the family members were becoming obstacles in the path of their relationship. Cops also recovered the axe used to commit murders and blood-stained shirt of Salim.

A local court first heard the case and held both Shabnam and Salim guilty and announced capital punishment. The duo challenged the judgment in the Supreme Court which upheld the decision of the lower court. Shabnam and Salim also sent a mercy petition to the President, but their pleas were rejected.