For sexual pleasure: HK man gets metal nut stuck to penis, waits two days to go to hospital

Milad Hassandarvish
The man’s penis was stuck in a metal nut after he tried to please himself with object. — pic

KUALA LUMPUR, August 14 — A 34-year-old man from Hong Kong had to undergo surgical procedure to have a metal nut removed from his penis after it got stuck when he put it on for sexual pleasure.

The unidentified man rushed to his nearest accident and emergency department with penile swelling and pain two days after the incident.

His case that happened in April last year was recently published in a scientific journal of Urology Case Reports by the medical team at the United Christian Hospital’s surgery department.

Based on the journal, the doctors attempted to slide the hex nut off using jelly and giving the man painkillers, but the object couldn’t be removed from the base of the man’s shaft.

After a quick examination, doctors found that the thick metal nut at the root of the penis caused severe fluid and blood clotting to the foreskin and glans.

The nut, which typically comes with a threaded hole, also caused venous congestion.

Some pictures of the procedure from the journal showed the doctors using the dice cutter on the patient’s penis.

They revealed he suffered two superficial cuts during the procedure.

The journal highlighted that the patient had to be put under general anaesthesia as he could not tolerate the pain.

Throughout the procedure, which lasted 94 minutes, a diamond disc cutter was used to cut open the metal nut and successfully remove it.

The journal concluded that penile strangulation by constriction devices is a urological emergency.

“Patients tend to try their own methods for removal, and present late due to embarrassment,” it reads.

They added that if safer methods fail, electric metal cutting devices can be used with precautions taken to avoid further injuries.

The team also said that diamond disc cutters are usually used medically by orthopaedic surgeons for the cutting of implants.

In the case of this particular patient, the man was hospitalised for five days in view of fever, and discharged with a two-week course of oral antibiotics.

“On discharge, the penile tip was well perfused with intact sensation, but a patch of ischemic skin at the site of previous strangulation remained,” reads the journal.

“On one month follow up, patient reported normal voiding, and both erection and morning erections were normal, although he had not yet engaged in sexual activity.”

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