Sexual Harassment or All in a Day’s Work? How Men & Women See It

A dirty joke to an office WhatsApp group, casual physical contact during a conversation, or comments about a female colleague’s appearance. Do Delhi’s modern-day day office-goers consider any of this sexual harassment?

We asked this question to both men and women, and found some interesting, and some surprising, responses. So how much do their views differ? Take a look to find out.

The Dirty Joke

Reena, Chartered AccountantWe laugh about it and we share it.Sahil, Chartered AccountantWomen also crack jokes and laugh.Saurabh, Fashion DesignerI would never send such a joke.

Casual Physical Contact

Karishma, IT Professional I know what kind of touch it is, right away.Rohit, Real Estate DeveloperPeople join modern corporate offices and want a friendly atmosphere.

Why Don't Women Report Sexual Harassment?

Neeru, TeacherThere is such a stigma if people come to know she has been through something like this.Ayushi, Chartered AccountantEventually, people will judge the girl and say, ‘usne hi bhaav diya hoga’, and blame her.Vijay, CSR ProfessionalIt is because women feel that they are reporting a taboo. They will only report it after it becomes a very big problem, and men take advantage of that.Navneet, BankerWomen have so many avenues to report sexual harassment, so it is beyond me why they won’t.

Video Editor: Puneet Bhatia