PM Modi's Speech Highlights: From Severe Oxygen Shortage to Producing Cheapest Vaccines

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In his address to the nation on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said lockdown should be the “last resort” and the focus should rather be on micro-containment zones. “If we all follow COVID-19 protocols, there’ll be no need to impose lockdowns,” Modi said as urged people to reduce their movement and take vaccination.

Here are top 10 quotes from the PM’s address:

– We are fighting another war against COVID-19. – I urge states to keep lockdown as the last resort. I am sure if we work together, we will not have to impose lockdowns. – There is a severe shortage of oxygen and we are working to overcome this deficiency. We are working to increase supply and manufacture of oxygen – I want to thanks all the doctors, para medical workers, sanitation workers, police and health care workers. You have given your lives to fight COVID. You have sacrificed your families for us and our safety. – During the last wave, we did have specific infrastructure. We had started developing vaccines. Today, India has the cheapest vaccines in the world. We also have the cold chain network to distribute the vaccines. – Our effort is no keep the disruption to a minimum — both social and financial. I urge migrant labourers to remain where they are. It will be easier for them to get the vaccines in cities. It will help them continue with their work – As soon as the cases surged, pharma companies have increased the production of medicines. Our drug production has increased and it will be increased further. – We took a big decision as far as vaccination in concerned. From May 1, people above the age of 18 will be able to get vaccinated. Vaccines will be available for free in government hospitals. This will help the poor – We have fast tracked vaccines trials and approvals. India has two made-in-India vaccines due to our team effort. We are now vaccinating world. We were the fastest to administer 10 crore, 11 crore and 12 crore doses – Dawai Bhi Kadaai Bhi…do not forget this mantra…this will be needed post vaccination as well. I urge the youth to help in ensuring that COVID norms are followed.

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