Severe manpower crisis in Army

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Severe manpower crisis in Army

Rs 8 crore has been spent on recruitment publicity.

The Indian Army is facing a shortage of more than 45,000 personnel including over 7,000 officers above the rank of lieutenant, the Ministry of Defence informed parliament on Monday.

The Army is focusing on setting up recruitment camps over the last few years to overcome the problem.

There were 45,634 vaccines in the Army as on January 1, 2019, including 7,399 posts which are above the rank of Lieutenant, Rajnath Singh , Minister of Defence said in a written reply in Rajya Sabha on Monday.

In the last three years, the Army has conducted 200 recruitment camps across the country. During this financial year, 13 such recruitment camps have been set up with another 80 scheduled.

"Recruitment in the Army is a continuous process and vacancies occur due to various reasons like accretions of posts from time to time, tough selection procedures, difficult service conditions coupled with perceived high degree of risk involved in the service career as also inherent limitation of number that could be trained without compromising the quality of training. Vacancies are filled progressively through recruits who complete training," the reply stated.

In the last three financial years, over Rs 8 crore have been spent on publicity to reach out to the youth to join the Army.