Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider Got in a Weird Twitter Feud … and James Franco Saved the Day

Twitter feuds are a dime a dozen nowadays, and the newest one to add to the list involves two comedians: Seth Rogen and Rob Schneider.

So here’s what went down. Over the weekend Seth was happily tweeting away when he somehow realized that Rob Schneider had blocked him. Seth had no clue why, and shared a photo with the caption, “what the f”.

Twitter users obviously began to wonder what Seth had done to Rob to deserve such a punishment. Even Jason Priestley asked what he did.

Nearly 12 hours later, and still no reason behind the block, Rob finally responded. Although his response made things even MORE confusing.

So wait … all Rob wanted was to meet James Franco!? Well, it must have worked, because a couple of hours later Rob informed Seth that he had been unblocked!

Rob quickly followed up with another tweet saying that James was “dreamy!”

I guess the moral of the story is if you want to meet James Franco, just block Seth Rogen on Twitter.

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