This Series Shows Social Media as the New-Age Surveillance Tool

More than internet, it’s fairly clear that most social media platforms are not just about connecting with people anymore.

With data breach sagas like Cambridge Analytica hogging the limelight for all the wrong reasons, it became evident that Facebook was turning into a tool which has become a weapon for surveillance in a matter of years.

And this is what we’re going to be witnessing with the latest Netflix series called ‘The Great Hack’ premiering later this month on the video streaming platform.

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If you go through this YouTube trailer, instances of data mishaps and how data has become a source of monitoring your life, have been highlighted in detail. You’ll also come across anecdotes from people investigating the Cambridge Analytica mishap, and getting us close up with people like Christopher Wylie, the whistle blower from within the, now defunct organisation.

In addition to Wylie, the series trailer also features Brittany Kaiser, who is claimed to have been a key player inside Cambridge Analytica, but now has been casted as a whistle-blower.

This is probably the biggest revelation to publicly focus on the repercussions of people living their lives digitally, which has become unthinkable in 2019.

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Having over a billion users on multiple platforms, Facebook has become the fulcrum around which these man-made disasters have become the centre of attention, and rightly so.

The facts likely to be revealed in this series are only going to make us fear sharing and posting stuff on social media, which would invariably be used as a weapon to instill fear or pick our brains for reasons unknown to us or anyone close to us.

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