Serie A announces fixtures for remainder of season and coronavirus protocol; Torino vs Parma to kickoff restart

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Torino's match at home to Parma on 20 June will be the first Serie A match when Italy's top football league resumes with a match almost every day until 2 August.

All matches will initially take place without any spectators but Italian football is considering the possibility of allowing fans into stadiums from next month.

The Italian federation issued a 40-page document on Monday outlining strict new rules for the resumption of Serie A on 20 June.

The document specifies teams must go on and off the pitch at different times and limits the number of people in stadiums to 300, including players, staff and journalists.

However, Italian media reports that the federation could discuss at its next meeting allowing limited numbers of fans to attend.

"It's something I really wish for with all my heart," federation president Gabriele Gravina said. "It's unthinkable that in a stadium that can hold 60,000 there's not space for a small percentage of fans with the necessary precautions."

The revised Serie A calendar was announced on Monday. It was decided last week to resume with the four catch-up matches postponed when Italian sports shut down in March because of the coronavirus.

Hellas Verona's match against Cagliari will also be played on 20 June, while Atalanta-Sassuolo and Inter Milan-Sampdoria will take place the following day.

There are 124 Serie A matches remaining, which will be played in 43 days. Most of them will take place at night, with the earliest ones kicking off at 5:15 p.m., because of the heat in the country, especially in July and August. The other time slots are 7:30 p.m. and 9:45 p.m.

Juventus, bidding for a record-extending ninth successive title, has a one-point advantage over Lazio. Third-placed Inter is nine points behind the leader with a game in hand.

Juventus will host Lazio on 20 July.

The Italian Cup will be completed in the week before Serie A restarts. The first legs of the semifinals have already been played: AC Milan drawing with Juventus 1-1, and Napoli winning at Inter Milan 1-0.

A strict medical protocol has been put in place which includes the contentious, and potentially problematic, regulation that if one person at a club €" player or staff €" tests positive for COVID-19, the entire group must go to a training camp retreat for 14 days.

The federation is hoping to get that shortened if the number of new cases in Italy continues to decrease.

"Football has never asked for shortcuts," Gravina said. "There are clear rules that allow you to continue activity, isolating an athlete or member of staff, and continuing training.

"The hope is that soon there will be a re-evaluation, a week before the start of the tournaments. We will send a new proposal, in the hope that it can find space in the revision of the rules, which are today creating anxiety and worry in our sport."

Here's the revised schedule:

20 June Torino v. Parma Verona v. Cagliari

21 June  Atalanta v. Sassuolo Inter Milan v. Sampdoria

22 June Lecce v. Milan Fiorentina v. Brescia Bologna v. Juventus

23 June SPAL v. Cagliari Verona v. Napoli Torino v. Udinese Genoa v. Parma

24 June Atalanta v. Lazio Inter Milan v. Sassuolo Roma v. Sampdoria

26 June Juventus v. Lecce

27 June Brescia v. Genoa Cagliari v. Torino Lazio v. Fiorentina

28 June Milan v. Roma Napoli v. SPAL Sampdoria v. Bologna Udinese v. Atalanta Sassuolo v. Verona Parma v. Inter Milan

30 June Torino v. Lazio Genoa v. Juventus

1 July Bologna v. Cagliari Inter Milan v. Brescia Lecce v. Sampdoria Fiorentina v. Sassuolo SPAL v. Milan Verona v. Parma

2 July Juventus v. Torino Sassuolo v. Lecce Lazio v. Milan

5 July Inter Milan v. Bologna Sampdoria v. SPAL Cagliari v. Atalanta Brescia v. Verona Udinese v. Genoa Parma v. Fiorentina Napoli v. Roma

7 July Lecce v. Lazio AC Milan v. Juventus

8 July Genoa v. Napoli Fiorentina v. Cagliari Atalanta v. Sampdoria Bologna v. Sassuolo Torino v. Brescia Roma v. Parma

9 July SPAL v. Udinese Verona v. Inter Milan

11 July  Lazio v. Sassuolo Brescia v. Roma Juventus v. Atalanta

12 July Genoa v. SPAL Parma v. Bologna Fiorentina v. Verona Cagliari v. Lecce Udinese v. Sampdoria Napoli v. Milan

13 July Inter Milan v. Torino

14 July Atalanta v. Brescia

15 July Sampdoria v. Cagliari Bologna v. Napoli Milan v. Parma Lecce v. Fiorentina Sassuolo v. Juventus Roma v. Verona Udinese v. Lazio

16 July Torino v. Genoa SPAL v. Inter Milan

18 July Verona v. Atalanta Cagliari v. Sassuolo Milan v. Bologna

19 July Parma v. Sampdoria Genoa v. Lecce Fiorentina v. Torino Napoli v. Udinese Brescia v. SPAL Roma v. Inter Milan

20 July Juventus v. Lazio

21 July Atalanta v. Bologna Sassuolo v. Milan

22 July Parma v. Napoli Torino v. Verona SPAL v. Roma Lecce v. Brescia Inter Milan v. Fiorentina Sampdoria v. Genoa

23 July Udinese v. Juventus Lazio v Cagliari

26 July Milan v. Atalanta Roma v. Fiorentina Juventus v. Sampdoria Cagliari v. Udinese Verona v. Lazio Brescia v. Parma SPAL v. Torino Napoli v. Sassuolo Bologna v. Lecce Genoa v. Inter Milan

29 July Fiorentina v. Bologna Verona v. SPAL Udinese v. Lecce Parma v. Atalanta Lazio v. Brescia Inter Milan v. Napoli Cagliari v. Juventus Torino v. Roma Sampdora v. Milan Sassuolo v Genoa

2 August Genoa v. Verona Juventus v. Roma Atalanta v. Inter Milan SPAL v. Fiorentina Bologna v. Torino Napoli v. Lazio Lecce v. Parma Milan v. Cagliari Brescia v. Sampdoria Sassuolo v. Udinese

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