Serial Entrepreneur David Chappelle - Shares His Secrets to Multiple Sources of Income!

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Nothing could be truer for the African American entrepreneurs of today who are hotfooting new empires in a puritanical and courageous manner. Whether it is e-commerce, financial investing, digital marketing, and everything and all under the sun, they are proceeding with unbridled zeal to transform the environment around them, improving their innovations, battling inequality, effectively operating enterprises, producing jobs for everyone, and building new ecological environments.

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Each entrepreneurial venture's journey to success is different. Not all succeed like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, or Michael Bloomberg. However, the traits that entrepreneurs like David Chappelle have in common with the business godfathers is their determination in the face of cynicism and apathy, the desire to excel, and their vision of a compelling value proposition that only they can contribute.

Raised in Dallas Texas, David Chappelle drove hard bargains with the challenges during his school and college life. Telling about his first employment opportunity, and how he had himself hard-pressed to suss out the marketplace and its operations.

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Unaware of the troubles ahead, David soon found himself up the creek without a paddle when investors showed a lack of interest in his vending business model. Disappointed and up to his neck in trouble, David developed the fortitude to propel his innovative solution through to fruition and industry adoption and kept searching for potential investors who could fund his startup around the barriers and challenges that arise. Fortunately, he was able to raise sufficient funds to kick-start his vending machine business "Chappelle Vending Works" as well as hiring vending machine operators to run his vending stalls in schools around Dallas while he was in Missouri for his education.

Unfortunately, David's success with this entrepreneurial venture was short-lived. As the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the US economy, small businessmen were knocked off their feet. And the fate of Chappelle Vending Works was no different. The closure of schools meant zero business for David, and the downhill road from the riches to rags with each passing day chucked the newborn entra into post-traumatic stress disorder. Telling how the global pandemic took a toll on his business, David says:

"Covid 19 hit and I got kicked out of my rented apartment, lost my business, and had to move back home which made me look into giving something else a try."

Failure may arise at any point in an entrepreneur's life. It is inevitable, annoying, and depressing. Although the notion of putting hands in the air and walking away occurred to David Chappelle, the mogul viewed the hardships as a part of life's rich tapestry. And it is this perseverance that separated his greatness from the ordinary man.

He saw defeat as a chance to start again, this time more constructively. The entrepreneur took direct action by mastering the art of trading in one of the world's largest financial markets. He displayed bravery yet again in the invention process, carrying the weight of risk and confronting defeat head-on.

He rose from the abyss of failure and scaled the dizzy heights of prosperity with his freshly launched trading and investing company called M.A.D.E – becoming a perfect inspiring example of a person who overcame adversity and emerged with gold. Within a few months, Mr. Chappelle was able to reach the 6-figure milestone for a lifestyle that he always dreamed of.

It was M.A.D.E (Make A Difference Everyday) that helped David revive back the lost glory of Chappelle Vending Works and got started with his 3rd business venture with two of his business partners, a dropshipping store called JDandK.

You have the power to enhance your own life, but what if you do a power of good to change the living and working conditions of the cash-strapped individuals as well? David Chappelle went ahead and did so! Day in and day out, he uses his investment company as a medium to teach ninja trading tactics to help people achieve 6-to-7 figure monthly net income in the shortest amount of time possible.

"My main objective is to show other people how to make six figures in less than 12 months through my investment group because that was a goal I initially set for myself."

For David, satisfaction is achieved in having an impression on others' lives every day through his solutions. To date, he has helped thousands of people to be financially independent in the financial sector, David says:

"Chappelle Vending Works helps people by allowing kids in school to have a healthier alternative when they go to the lunchroom every day.

M.A.D.E Investment Group is much different than the average investment group out there due to us holding high financial licenses. M.A.D.E teaches and educates individuals on how to invest for themselves in the largest financial market in the world. I have been able to host a boot camp where I help over 400 individuals through high-frequency trading every single night helping people make money. I have another branch of M.A.D.E that focuses solely on financial services. I have been able to help many families become properly protected with Term Life Insurance. We help people set up mutual funds for as low as $25 per month. I also help people invest in annuities as well as rollover their 401k/Roth IRA.