Serena went too far in US Open final: Roger Federer

Rajdeep Saha

Serena went too far in US Open final: Roger Federer

05 Nov 2018: Serena went too far in US Open final: Roger Federer

20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer has said that fellow tennis legend Serena Williams "went too far" in her outburst at the on-court official during September's US Open finale.

Serena was handed a code violation for receiving coaching gesture, one penalty point for racquet smashing and also a game penalty for calling the official a 'liar' and a 'thief'.

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Fact: Serena should have walked away: Federer

Federer was quoted by Sunday Times claiming, "I feel like Serena should have walked away. She did, but she went too far. She should have walked earlier. The umpire maybe should not have pushed her there. It's unfortunate, but an incredible case study."

Serena: What did Serena do in the final of US Open?

In the final against Naomi Osaka, Serena accused chair umpire Carlos Ramos of being a thief and liar.

This happened after the star player was called up for verbal abuse during the final.

In the post-match conference, she added that men too say verbal things to umpires and here she is fighting for women's rights and equality and that the referee's behavior was sexist.

US Open: Serena did go too far and was wrong: Our take

Serena even went ahead and threatened the official, claiming he will never be on the same court when she plays tennis.

This is unacceptable behavior by one of the greats.

All these claims, by Serena, saw many people criticizing her on social media.

What Serena did was not right as she indirectly took away the limelight, Osaka deserved for clinching her maiden Slam.

French Open: Federer supports Serena over catsuit row

This year we saw the authorities announce that Serena would be banned from wearing a black catsuit during future matches at the French Open.

Serena had won the suit and said it made her feel like a superhero.

"Serena has worn crazier stuff in the past. Guys have worn crazier stuff. For me it was all a bit of nonsense." said Federer.