Sensational murder of a woman solved, 4 held by Delhi Police

New Delhi, February 12(ANI): Solving the murder mystery of a woman in Kishangarh area of South-west district, Delhi police has arrested the main accused Sumit Kumar and his three associates involved in the crime.During the Police investigation, it was revealed that Sumit was a common friend of the deceased woman and her husband and stayed with them at their house. Sumit was apprehended for primary investigation. During sustained interrogation, he disclosed that the deceased fell in love with him and started pressurising him to get married, although she was already married. However, he was reluctant. So he decided to get rid of her and hatched a conspiracy with his three childhood friends namely Arun, Amit & Ravi to eliminate her. He offered them Rs 1 lakh for the said job and also convinced them that there is huge cash & jewellery lying in the house which can be obtained after killing the woman. All three agreed in the greed of getting huge cash and jewellery. On his call, all three reached the home of the deceased. As per the plan, Arun started assaulting Sumit. In the meantime, Amit caught hold of the deceased from the neck and Arun strangulated her with the help of a muffler. Ravi also caught hold of her from legs and she was kept strangulated for some time. When she became unresponsive she was released by the three. However, Sumit noticed that she was still breathing and he directed Arun to eliminate her. So Arun stabbed her on the neck with the knife. Later they ransacked the house, in order to find cash and jewellery as promised by Sumit. However, they could only find cash Rs. 2000 and the mobile phone of the deceased. Sumit stayed back and took the body to Fortis Hospital with the help of caretaker to mislead police. Accordingly, accused Sumit was arrested. Later at his instance, his co-associates were also arrested and weapon of offence, blood-stained kitchen Knife and a mobile phone of the diseased were also recovered.