#GoodNews: ‘Recognised for My Work Now,’ Says Viral Cop Gagandeep

On 25 May, a video that showed a police inspector save a Muslim boy from the wrath of a frenzied mob in Uttarakhand’s Ramnagar, went viral. The man in the video was Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh who came to the boy's rescue, fearing the angry mob may beat him to death.

Soon after the incident, people started appreciating Singh’s valour.

Speaking to The Quint, Singh said he received a lot of appreciation for his work and ever since that incident people have started recognising him.

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People recognise and click pictures with the Uttarakhand cop who had saved a Muslim boy from a frenzied mob in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. 

On being asked about if his life has changed after that particular incident, Singh says:

"Life hasn’t changed. I am doing what I used to do and I will keep doing that. But now people recognise me and click pictures, which makes me feel that I have done some good work. " -

Singh was on traffic duty in Ramnagar when people asked him for pictures.

Singh had gone on a leave after the 25 May incident, which gave rise to rumours that he was receiving death threats. However, in his conversation with The Quint, Singh reiterated his claim that he wasn’t receiving any death threats.

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Singh rejoined duty in June.