Segway's Apex H2 hydrogen-powered motorcycle slated for production in 2023

Chandraveer Mathur
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16 Apr 2021: Segway's Apex H2 hydrogen-powered motorcycle slated for production in 2023

Ninebot-owned Segway recently unveiled the company's first hydrogen-electric hybrid motorcycle called the Apex H2. Interestingly, the motorcycle is slated to enter production in 2023.

The company claims that the motorcycle will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which would give it an efficiency of around one kilometer per gram of Hydrogen and peak power of 60 kilowatts.

Performance: Replaceable Hydrogen canisters would save charging time associated with EVs

The Segway Apex H2's replaceable hydrogen cylinders would save charging time associated with conventional electric vehicles.

However, pressurized hydrogen would call for an independent refueling network. Not to mention, using pressurized hydrogen has inherent combustibility risks.

Masking these concerns are the motorcycle's blistering quick acceleration figures and 150 km/h top speed. Segway claims a 0-100 km/h time of under four seconds.

Design details: Single-sided swingarm for both wheels enhances 'floating' appearance

The motorcycle draws visual design elements from its Tron movie counterparts sporting bright green accents complemented by a grey and black paint scheme.

It features a single-sided swingarm on both the wheels to enhance the floating wheel design when viewed from one side.

However, at least the front wheel could feature a conventional telescopic fork arrangement on the production-spec motorcycle.

Expected pricing: Segway will produce the crowdfunded project only after 99 pre-orders

The performance figures and radical design are expected to command a proportional price-tag of CNY 69,999 (around Rs. 7.98 lakh) which would reduce the bike to a niche product.

Additionally, it is unlikely that the Apex H2 would launch on Indian shores.

Segway says the motorcycle will enter production only if the company receives at least 99 pre-orders for the motorcycle.

Deciding factor: Despite the hefty price tag, the motorcycle's range remains undisclosed

The features of Segway's concept motorcycle, including its unconventional handlebar placement, all-LED lighting system, and seven-inch digital instrument cluster could be seen on the production version as well.

However, Segway hasn't yet disclosed the capacity of the Hydrogen fuel cell and its associated range which would be a crucial deciding factor for buyers, given the motorcycle's astronomical price.