Seer has another dream, of 2,500 tonnes gold in Adampur

Yahoo India News21 October 2013

NEW DELHI: The seer whose dream has set Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on treasure hunt, has dreamt of another treasure.

Swami Shoban Sarkar who dreamt that 1,000 tonnes of gold is buried beneath a fort in Dhaundia Khera, in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao district, now says that no less than 2,500 tonnes of gold is hidden in the ruins of Adampur village at the banks of the Ganga.

English daily The Hindu reports that the godman said that the treasure buried in Adampur village will be more easily retrievable as compared to the treasure in Unnao.

After the news of the second dream spread, some people starting digging for gold on the main ghat of Ganga.

The seer, Shoban Sarkar, had predicted that there was a hidden treasure near the palace of 19th century king Rao Ram Baksh Singh. He had dreamt that 1,000 tonnes of gold were buried underneath the palace.
Digging continues in UP, no signs of treasure yet

Digging to unearth 1,000 tonnes of gold, continued for the third day Sunday amid heavy security but there was no indication of the treasure yet.

Unnao's Additional District Magistrate (Finance/Revenue) Shivendra Singh said the ASI team, comprising 15 labourers and five supervisors, Sunday dug an additional 32 cm taking to 102 cm, the depth of the excavated area at the ruins of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh's fort, near Daundia Kheda village, 70 km from Lucknow.

An ASI official said they had yet found no indications of the presence of the gold or any other metal, though remnants of a brick wall and other debris were found.

Earlier talking to a local TV channel here, ASI director Syed Jamal Hasan said they began excavation at the site in the neighbouring Unnao district after the Geological Survey of India (GSI), acting on a letter from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), carried out a survey there.

Preliminary findings suggested presence of "some metal underneath the earth", following which ASI teams decided to proceed with the excavation, said Hasan.

A police official at the site told IANS that heavy security measures have been taken to maintain order in the area as it was apprehended that the crowd might turn violent in case no gold was found.

Unnao's Additional Superintendent of Police Sarvanand Singh said to maintain order and security, a company, a platoon and half a section of the Provincial Armed Constabulary, comprising 120 men, had been deployed at the excavation site and surrounding areas.

In addition, two deputy superintendents of police, 15 inspectors and 40 constables were also posted there.

He said the work was also being video-graphed, while CCTV cameras have also been installed.

The seer who dreamt of 1,000 tonnes of buried gold

Shobhan Sarkar is a mystery for his followers. They know little about him except that he has got many ponds and roads constructed in Kanpur, Fatehpur and Unnao from the money offered to him by his disciples.

The people of the state first came to know of him during the Mulayam Singh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party government between 2003 and 2007 when Sarkar announced that he would make an over-bridge on river Ganga to connect Unnao with Kanpur.

Barely 5’ 5” tall and in a 5-metre-long saffron loincloth, Sarkar told MAIL TODAY a few days ago that he doesn’t have any wealth in his name.

“I wear khadaun (wooden Shobhan Sarkar’s ashram in Doodhikagar, Fatehpur. Sandals and wrap myself with this cloth. I neither have land in my name nor do I have a bank account,” he said.

Those close to him said: “He was born in Shuklanpurva. He did his intermediate from Brahmawart College and then took sanyas.”