Have you seen the ‘Schwarzenegger’ among monkeys? She resides in Finland

Shubham Ghosh

Helsinki, March 19: Even though there are primates other than man on Planet Earth, it is only the latter who has mastered the art of body-building. However, recently, a monkey in Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, has left the visitors stunned with his 'Arnold Schwarzenegger looks'.

Yes, you heard it right.

Even though the primate doesn't spend monthly to remain in shape, it has a startling 'muscular' look and a Finnish photographer named Santeri Oksanen took a picture of the animal with its 'bulging muscles' and it has gone viral on social media.

According to a report in South West News Service, the 34-year-old photographer found it difficult to believe when he first saw the monkey and said its mates also looked scared.

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"I couldn't believe the huge muscles that the monkey had. The other monkeys were very small in comparison, they all looked a bit scared of her," Oksanen told SWNS.

"The pictures make it look like it's competing in a bodybuilding contest," he added.

The zoo authorities, however, said in a video posted on their Twitter handle saying the it is not her muscles but the fur that gave such a look.

The monkey, named Bea, is a white-faced Saki monkey which is known for its muscular build.

According to New England Primate Conservancy, Saki monkeys are native to South America and are mostly found in countries like Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela.

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