Seeing the disconnect between older and younger generations more than ever, young entrepreneurs start Genzup consulting to bridge the gap

Alena Rinwi
·2-min read

Generation Z is the world’s largest generation thus far, and they’re becoming its most influential. This generation was born about the time the Internet was coming into mainstream usage, and they’re changing the world at an incredible pace. Naturally, they’re often different from the generations that have come before them in terms of priorities, processes of life, and personalities.

That’s where Anmol Dhalla comes in.

“Seeing the disconnect between older and younger generations more than ever is what caused me to work on Genzup. Our vision sees a world that considers accurate input from the population that is being affected the most. A way for organizations to connect with their younger audiences and have answers to their questions. Gen Z must be taken into account when building sustainable ventures.”

In the wild-west world of entrepreneurship that tends to attract Gen-Z minds more than most generations, almost anyone can start a business. But Dhalla is proving himself as a seasoned expert, with a team of over 30 and over $1 million in revenue annually with Genzup. Providing services in marketing consulting, IT, research innovation & strategy, and much more to help organizations better attract younger people.

As a young entrepreneur himself, Anmol has had to navigate the complex business world his younger counterparts have had to learn, so he understands the situation many Gen-Z contemporaries face. “Being a young entrepreneur has had many challenges throughout the journey so far. For example, when prospective clients don’t take you seriously because you’re just too young in their mind.”

Genzup is a truly people centric company with an amazing portfolio and track record. “Company culture is very important to us and through the leadership of our COO, Hammad Khan, this has been an impactful journey working with organizations of all sizes and we continue to pursue the Genzup vision with the help of our ecosystem, clients, and partners.”

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