You have to see these YouTube reviews of 7-Eleven's new makeup line

Full Face Using 7-Eleven’s Makeup Brand” is the latest video trending in the beauty community.(Photo: YouTube Carly Humbert/Getty Images)

7-Eleven might already be a front-runner for the best on-the-go taquitos, but it seems that the convenience store is aiming higher to please their quick-stop consumer, especially those looking to get “Gorgeous on the Go.”

In late November, the brand announced its up-and-coming cosmetics line made for millennials on the move, within an affordable price range of $3 to $5. And now that it’s out in stores worldwide, YouTube’s most trustworthy beauty gurus are seeing just how favorable Simply Me Beauty really is. (Spoiler alert: it’s a lot of bad, with some products that are surprisingly good.)

YouTube’s review queen Tati Westbrook took a trip to the convenience store to pick up the brand’s full collection of brushes, blushes, eyeshadows, lip products, and much more, for a grand total of $166.00. While the price is not bad compared to a spree at Sephora, or even down the makeup aisle at the drugstore, it’s still important to consider which products are worth it. For starters, the BB creams and concealers are not.

Best described as “greasy” by Nicol Concilio, the cream products come in a limited shade range of light, medium, and dark. The lightest shade, which would fit the script of most medium-toned BB creams and foundations, is unfit for fair skin, while Shannon Ashley shows just how light the darkest shade is in comparison.

“It’s not gonna be dark enough,” Ashley determined as soon as she swatched the product. She added, “I almost got my hopes up.”

As the only black YouTuber to try the products on screen thus far, Ashley illustrated just how limiting the range becomes when it doesn’t provide for numerous skin tones. Even when she finds some promise in the mascara, she remarks that the BB cream’s poor shade range is something that no product can make up for.

Aside from the mediocre cream products, however, the range provides numerous other shade mishaps with only two bronzer shades, one eyebrow color, and a setting powder that’s marketed as translucent, but evidently provides heavy coverage for decently fair skin tones.

From the looks of Safiya Nygaard’s review, some products remain promising, such as the felt-tip eyeliner, one of the eyeshadow palettes, and the mascara, which most agreed was one of the best in the lot. However, the biggest hit among the Simply Me Beauty line is the lipstick, which even Manny Gutierrez seemed to like after calling the rest of the range a “flop.”

All in all, it might be super convenient to pick up a few cosmetic products with your taquitos, but you’ll want to check out the above reviews before spending your five bucks.

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