Security Princess? You Mean Queen: Meet Google’s Parisa Tabriz

The likes of Sundar Pichai, Eric Schmidt and Sergei Brin may call the shots at Google, but it is white-hat-hackers like Parisa Tabriz who keep the tech giant safe.

Parisa and her team work around the clock to ensure that Google is never compromised. The team works on finding bugs that might compromise the search engine’s safety.

Parisa says one does not have to be a programmer since childhood to ace at it. She only starting programming during her college days. (Photo: Facebook/Parisa Tabriz)

Iranian-American Tabriz, who is also known as Google’s ‘browser boss’ and ‘security princess’, was listed in Forbes Magazine's 30 people under 30 to watch in the world of tech.

After graduating in 2006 from University of Illinois, Tabriz worked with Google in 2012 with a "hired hacker" team. But her skills landed her a full-time job with the tech giant.

Tabriz says that working in security is not as sexy as it looks in the movies. "I started learning about security back in college from peers," she writes in her blog.

Parisa Tabriz told The Telegraph Today, hacking can be ugly. The guy who published the private photos of those celebrities online made headlines everywhere. What he did was not only a violation of these women but it was criminal, and as a hacker I was very saddened by it. 

Apart from being an ace hacker, she enjoys rock climbing and making gelato. She’s quite an inspiration for women looking to break into the world of programming – an industry that is notorious for being an all-boys club.