Secret agents from US, night-vision CCTVs as Delhi gets set for Trump

Mahender Singh Manral
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The lawns at Rajghat being spruced up ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit on Saturday. (Express Photo: Praveen Khanna)

Ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to Delhi, 30 “United States Secret Service agents” have arrived in the national capital to ensure the tightest possible security arrangement during his stay, which will be spent at Hotel ITC Maurya Sheraton.

For the first time, Delhi Police is installing high-definition CCTV cameras with night vision in the Central Ridge area across the hotel to monitor the situation round-the-clock.

Sources told The Sunday Express that these agents are currently staying in the same hotel. They also held a meeting with officials from Indian intelligence agencies, where senior officers of the Delhi Police were also present to discuss the security plan at length.

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“Ahead of the US President’s scheduled visit, an ‘advance security liaison meeting’ was held in the basement of a hotel for around two hours, where security agencies informed them that they have decided to deploy anti-drone detachment of NSG, NSG snipers, elite SWAT commandos, and kite catchers during his arrival and also around the hotel where he is staying. It was also informed that they would deploy a chopper of the Air Force during Trump’s movement in Delhi,” police sources said.

During the meeting, Delhi Police also informed them that they are conducting a security audit and verifying all people staying in and around the hotel, especially near the ridge area, to check their credentials. “Police also informed that they have installed over 200 CCTV cameras with night-vision and high definition in the Central Ridge area, and are making a control room to monitor the situation. They are also installing high-definition licence plate recognition cameras at strategic locations on the stretch along the hotel, especially on Sardar Patel Marg and Patel Dham Manas Marg, which are the connecting roads with the hotel,” said an officer, adding that the US Secret Service agents were satisfied with the arrangements of the Delhi Police.

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During the meeting, the US agents told officials of the Indian intelligence agencies that the US President will be accompanied by his personal chefs and that his room will be bulletproof.

“The officials from Indian intelligence agencies have given a code name to President Trump, which will be used to communicate on their wireless sets. They have also requested the US agents to use the same code name with their officials. A DIG rank officer has also been appointed by intelligence agencies, who will be part of the US President’s cavalcade. He will work as a liaison officer and has been asked not to carry any weapon or mobile phone. He will carry only a wireless set for communication with security agencies,” police sources said.