Seamless trade in Indo-Pacific reflects globalisation, multipolarity: Jaishankar

New Delhi, July 05 (ANI): External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar addressed at the Indo Pacific Business Summit on July 06. He said that India will be more dynamic and friendlier business destination in future post COVID-19 second wave. “Indo-Pacific reflects the reality of globalisation, the emergence of multi-polarity and the benefits of rebalancing. It means the overcoming of the cold war and rejection of bipolarity and dominance. It is an expression of our collective interest in promoting global prosperity and securing global comments,” said EAM Jaishankar. He further said, “India is coming out of the second wave and will witness a strong economic recovery. It will be a more dynamic and friendlier business destination. We will continue to be an engine of growth for the global economy. We will be very much a part of more reliable and resilient supply chains that the post-COVID world requires. International cooperation especially among businesses will be very much a key to the better world that we all seek.”

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