Scully's tearful reunion with her son on 'The X-Files'

Nick Paschal
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It was a sad reunion for Scully on The X-Files when she and Mulder stumbled upon what appeared to be a murder-suicide. The F.B.I. agents went to a house to find Jackson Van de Kamp, who was a person of interest in another investigation. When they got there, Mulder and Scully heard gunshots and went inside the house, where they heard another gunshot. They found Jackson’s parents dead downstairs and Jackson upstairs in his room with a bullet wound in his head.

Scully had seen this house before in her dreams, and had a sneaking suspicion that Jackson was, in fact, her long-lost son, William. So they went to the morgue to get a DNA sample to find out for sure. While there, Scully took the opportunity to speak her mind. “I’m so sorry that I didn’t get a chance to know you. Or you get a chance to know me, or your father,” she said to the lifeless body. Scully continued as she failed to hold back tears, “I gave you up for adoption not because I didn’t want you, or because you were any less loved. I was trying to keep you safe. I hope you know that.” 

This is The X-Files though, so it wasn’t surprising when, after Mulder and Scully left, the kid started getting up off of the coroner’s table. It turned out that it was Scully’s son, and he had special powers!

Government officials were after William because he was part of project combining human and alien DNA. But it didn’t turn out too well for those officials, because he used his powers to confuse them and make them shoot each other. William was able to use his powers to escape, but it wasn’t the last time they saw each other.

Stopping to get gas, Scully bumped into a man she had bumped into before. They had a short conversation and he left. Before getting in his car, the man told Scully, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” That made Mulder realize it could’ve been William, and when they went to look at the surveillance tape, Scully realized she was talking to her son the whole time.

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