Scottish Politician Faces Flak for Claiming Coronavirus Pandemic Was Caused Due to Gay Marriage

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A Scottish politician is facing flak after he claimed that the coronavirus pandemic was caused due to gay marriages.

Independent candidate from Shetland, Scotland, Peter Tait, recently made the claim the the the deadly Covid-19 virus was “possibly related” to same-sex marriages.

Tait, who is a former mussel farmer, made the shocking claims in an interview with the local newspaper Shetland Times and said that his views were influenced by his religious beliefs. He also claimed that he was trying to “represent…things that God would want (him) to represent”.

Speaking about same-sex marriages, Shetland said that he did not support it and would be fighting against it during the Shetland MSP elections, Daily Mirror reported. He also said, “Covid is possibly related to it,” adding that he knew there would probably be backlash for his statements.

Tait came last among ten candidates during the 2019 by-elections in Scotland with a mere 31 votes to his name. At the time, Tait had promised that he would move the monarchy to Scotland if he won.

LGBTQ rights activists have called Tait’s comments uncalled for and also called him an “idiot” for propagating such discriminatory views.

“His ridiculous belief that Covid is a causation of gay marriage is not only a dangerous conspiracy theory but could propagate and incite hate of gay people and surely contravenes the Equality Act 2010,” Daily Record reported Kerrie Myers from a Shetland-based LGBTQ organisation as saying.

This is not the first time that gay marriages have been blamed for the Covid-19 pandemic. In March last year, Patriarch Filaret who heads the Ukrainian Orthodox Church caused outrage among LGBTQIA communities across the world, especially in Ukraine, after he blamed same-sex unions for the pandemic, calling it “God’s punishment for the sins of men, the sinfulness of humanity”.

“First of all, I mean same-sex marriage,” he had said, adding, “This is the cause of the coronavirus.”. The Ukrainian church leader was back in news again in September when he tested positive for Covid-19.