SCOOPED: Honey, where’s the money?

This actress is married with a child and has made her comeback on screen too some time ago. She keeps making appearances at social events though she is not exactly a social butterfly. She married a wealthy person from the industry a few years ago. Now the interesting part is that considering she and her husband are known to belong to a rich family it was shocking to hear that she has not paid her Yoga teacher since a long time now!

A source says, “This actress is not a fitness enthusiast as such but she has had weight issues before she got her makeover for one of her hit films in the past. However, she managed to shed a good amount of weight post her pregnancy and has acted in the film too. Problem is, her Yoga teacher, who has helped her get into shape, is not too pleased with her and it is not because she is not a good student... The issue is that the actress is delaying her teacher’s fees for no reason. She just keeps promising that she will pay her teacher soon but has not paid up for few months. No wonder the teacher is ba it worried about recovering her money from the actress.”

The teacher is now spreading the word, about how this actress is avoiding payment of her fees, to everyone who meets her. If the actress wants the stories to stop, she simply has to pay up!

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