Scientist claims NASA image shows penguin lurking on Mars

Vishal Kawadkar

Steve Martin, 56 is convinced he has spotted a penguin on the surface of the Red Planet. He had been trailing through years of footage that NASA has gathered and found an "extra-terrestrial" being.

However, after closer inspection, he claims to have seen a penguin peeking out from behind a giant rock, millions of miles away from the Earth. Mr. Martin told The Sun: "I've always thought there was life on Mars and now I think I might have proved it.

"I have spent hours looking at Nasa images but I never thought I would find a penguin. I don't know how it got up there but I hope Nasa carefully study the picture and can work out how and why."

The images were taken by NASA's Curiosity rover which has been probing Mars and capturing images since 2004. It has covered over 28 miles on the surface and beamed back around 224,000 pictures to Earth. However, Martin is convinced "the universe is chock-full of life."

"I've sent five or six other pictures to an image analyst who appeared on the TV show, NASA: The Unexplained Files. They have been taking a look," he added. "Unless Martian Pingu is readying a fleet of battleships - I think we're safe," he joked.

This week has been remarkable for astronomical breakthroughs after NASA released the first-ever image of a supermassive black hole. The image shows a dark region in the center which is encapsulated by a ring of light that looks brighter on one side. The Messier 87 or M87 galaxy which is near the Virgo galaxy cluster. The 'Powehi' has a mass that is 6.5 billion times than our Sun.

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