• Nokia unveils new metal-body Lumia 925
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    Nokia unveils new metal-body Lumia 925

    The Lumia 925 comes packed with 1GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon and 7 GB free SkyDrive cloud storage.

  • Nokia Lumia 920 vs Nokia Lumia 925
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    Nokia Lumia 920 vs Nokia Lumia 925

    Nokia Lumia smartphones are now available at significantly reduced prices. Lumia 920 is now available for Rs. 23,999 while Lumia 925 is now available for Rs.29,999.  Go through the features of both of these high-end camera phones.

  • Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 920
    Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 920

    Lumia 920 is Nokia's latest flagship smartphone based on Windows Phone 8 operating system. Prior to its launch in India it was surrounded by a lot of controversies related to a fake video about its camera's capabilities, and availability in oversee markets where it was unveiled in November.

  • Nokia Lumia 900: First Look
    Nokia Lumia 900: First Look

    Nokia finally launched its Lumia 900 in the Indian market for Rs 32,999, a spokesperson of the company confirmed this to The Mobile Indian. Nokia Lumia 900 is a non 4G version but will support download speeds up to 42 Mbps. However there is no network in India offering that kind of speed as the maximum speed available here in the country is just 21 Mbps.

  • Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 820
    Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 820

    In January 2013, with much fanfare Nokia launched in India the new Lumia smartphones running Microsoft Windows Phone 8. The new Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 smartphones with Windows Phone 8 are being offered in fancy colours for the Indian crowd.

  • Mobile Review: Nokia Lumia 800
    Mobile Review: Nokia Lumia 800

    Nokia came out with its Lumia series of devices some time back. There are currently two Lumia handsets in India as on Feb 2012. These are the pocket friendly Nokia Lumia 710 and the stylish Lumia 800.

  • Nokia Lumia 720: First look
    Nokia Lumia 720: First look

    Nokia's cheaper Windows Phone 8 variant, Lumia 720, offers impressive looks and features that can put even expensive phones to shame.

  • Nokia Lumia 710
    Nokia Lumia 710

    The Lumia 710 sports a 3.7-inch TFT LCD touchscreen display screen and was initially priced at Rs 20,000. Now available at Rs. 15,500.

  • Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 620
    Mobile review: Nokia Lumia 620

    Nokia's Lumia 620 can be called a significant improvement over the Lumia 610, which appeared to be a rushed job. In terms of design, both smartphones are quite distinct, but the capacitive Windows buttons is what connects them.

  • Nokia Lumia 620: First Look
    Nokia Lumia 620: First Look

    Nokia's Lumia 620 is now finally available in India for Rs 14,999. Few days back, few online retailers were taking preorders of the handset for Rs 15,1999 though.

  • Nokia Lumia 610: First look
    Nokia Lumia 610: First look

    Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone variant the Lumia 610 offers impressive looks and features though it competes with the Lumia 710.

  • Nokia Lumia 520: Hands on
    Nokia Lumia 520: Hands on

    Nokia's cheapest Windows Phone variant Lumia 520 is as good as it gets. Nokia 510 was the cheapest Windows 7.5 smartphone and now Nokia is back with an upgrade in the form of Nokia 520-by far the cheapest ever Windows Phone 8 based smartphone.

  • Nokia Lumia 510
    Nokia Lumia 510

    Nokia Lumia 510 packs an 800 MHz Qualcomm processor, 5 megapixel camera, mere 4 GB on-board storage and no micro SD card and runs Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

  • Deccan eruptions linked to Mexican Chicxulub occurrence

    Washington, May 5 (ANI): A new study has addressed the "uncomfortably close" occurrence of the Chicxulub impact in the Yucatan and the most voluminous phase of the Deccan Traps flood basalt eruptions in India. Researchers Mark Richards and colleagues argue that the impact likely triggered most of the immense eruptions of lava in India that indeed, this was not a coincidence, but a cause-and-effect relationship. Knowledge and study of the Deccan Traps eruptions have consistently cast a shadow of doubt on the theory that the Chicxulub impact was the sole cause of the end-Cretaceous mass extinction, most infamous for killing off Earth's dinosaurs. Several of the authors visited India in April 2014 to obtain lava samples for dating, and noticed that there are pronounced weathering surfaces, …

  • Dinosaur-killing asteroid created Deccan Traps?

    Washington, May 3 (IANS) The asteroid that fell into the ocean off Mexico 66 million years ago and killed the dinosaurs also triggered volcanic eruptions creating the Deccan Traps in India, suggests a US team of geophysicists. The asteroid explained the "uncomfortably close" coincidence between the Deccan Traps eruptions and the impact. The Deccan eruptions are among the largest mapped lava flows on the Earth occurring 66 million years ago. "If you try to explain why the largest impact we know of in the last billion years happened within 100,000 years of these massive lava flows at the Deccan Traps, the chances of that occurring at random are minuscule," said team leader Mark Richards from University of California, Berkeley.

  • 'Dinosaur-killing' asteroid may have triggered largest …

    UC Berkeley researchers said that the asteroid that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico would have "rung" the Earth like a bell and could have triggered eruptions including massive lava flows in India that covered an area the size of California with lava up to a mile deep. Those eruptions in what are known as the Deccan Traps in what is now India, lasted for hundreds of thousands of years and likely emitted huge amounts of climate-altering gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, possibly finishing off what the asteroid started in terms of the fate of the dinosaurs Team leader Mark Richards added that if people try to explain why the largest impact they know of in the last billion years happened within 100,000 years of these massive lava flows at Deccan, the chances of that occurring at …

  • MESSENGER makes crashing finale into Mercury after successful …

    Washington, May 1 (ANI): NASA has completed MESSENGER mission with expected impact on Mercury's surface. The planetary exploration mission came to a planned, but nonetheless dramatic, end on 30th April when it slammed into Mercury's surface at about 8,750 mph and created a new crater on the planet's surface. Mission controllers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Maryland, have confirmed NASA's MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (MESSENGER) spacecraft impacted the surface of Mercury, as anticipated, at 3:26 p.m. EDT. Mission control confirmed end of operations just a few minutes later, at 3:40 p.m., when no signal was detected by NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) station in Goldstone, California, at the time the spacecraft …

  • Volcanic activity prompts evacuations in Chile

    Santiago, April 25 (IANS/EFE) At least 6,400 people have been forced to leave their homes because of the activity of Chile's Calbuco volcano, which erupted two days ago for the first time in 42 years. Authorities ordered the immediate evacuation on Friday afternoon of 2,000 people from three towns in the Los Lagos region, after another 4,400 were displaced over the previous two days. What prompted this new evacuation was that technicians of the National Geology and Mining Service, known as Sernageomin, have detected the presence of a flow of lava and water on the Rio Correntoso side of the volcano that could cause the river to overflow and flood the nearby populated areas. Evacuees will be temporarily lodged in three schools that have been fitted out as shelters in the neighbouring city …

  • Xiaomi unveils feature heavy Mi 4i in global launch at  …

    New Delhi, Apr.24 (ANI): Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi held the global launch of its latest Mi phone in the national capital on Thursday. India is seen as the company's largest overseas market and a key testing ground for its international expansion. "India is already our company's second largest market in the world and we really want to make significant investment here. We want to build products that are made and designed for India and that is exactly what we just did today by launching our flagship product that is made an designed for India specifically," said Hugo Barra, Vice President of Xiaomi, International Operations.

  • Volcano erupts in southern Chile, belching ash, smoke into …

    By Anthony Esposito SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Volcano Calbuco in southern Chile erupted for the first time in more than five decades on Wednesday, sending a thick plume of ash and smoke nearly 20 kilometres into the sky. Chile's Onemi emergency office declared a red alert following the sudden eruption at around 1800 local time (2100 GMT), which occurred about 1,000 kilometres (625 miles) south of Santiago, the capital, near the tourist town of Puerto Varas. As night fell, about 4,000 people had so far moved out of the area, an evacuation radius of 20 kilometres has been established and classes have been cancelled in surrounding towns, authorities said. President Michelle Bachelet is scheduled to travel to the affected area on Thursday.

  • Nikhil Chinapa excited to host MTV Bloc Party

    Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Popular DJ and VJ Nikhil Chinapa says he is looking forward to hosting the Karbonn Smart MTV Bloc Party here on Saturday and Sunday featuring a galaxy of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) musicians. "It's fantastic to be part of the second edition of MTV's Bloc Party. EDM artists DJ BL3ND and Bassjackers will be headlining the event which will also feature performances from Doctor P, Rewire & Varski, Nucleya, Ash Roy, Calm Chor, Ankytrixx, Reggae Rajahs, Lost Stories, Ez Riser, Sickflip, Nawed Khan and Su Real, read a statement. DJ Su Real said: "It's a pleasure to be invited to be part of the MTV Bloc Party to slam the desi bass outdoors by Juhu beach." "From what I've heard, it promises to be something we haven't yet experienced too much in India and should be an unforgettable …

  • Volcano erupts in Indonesia, triggering evacuation

    A powerful burst of hot ash was spread from the rumbling volcano, heading four kilometres to the south of the crater and one kilometre to the southeast, according to Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency, Xinhua reported. Others at the Sigrang Garang, Kutagunggung and Sukanalu villages located three kilometers away from the crater were panic-stricken as they prepared for evacuation, according to Sutopo. The 2,475-metre Mount Sinabung had erupted on June 29 after erupting on and off from September 2013 to February 2014, which left 15 people dead and more than 30,000 others internally displaced.

  • Switchfoot found 'family halfway around the world' …

    New Delhi, April 2 (IANS) Coming all the way from the US to regale their Indian fans, members of the hugely popular alternative rock band Switchfoot felt they had found a "family" far away from home on their maiden tour of the country, says frontman Jon Foreman, who is drawn to Indian classical music. It was amazing to be able to sing along with Indians in Mumbai... People really like rock and roll down here.

  • Find apps that secretly connect to ad sites

    New York, May 4 (IANS) Security researchers have developed an automated system for detecting Android apps that secretly connect to ad sites and user tracking sites. So Luigi Vigneri and colleagues from Eurecom in France have developed an app that monitors the behaviour of others on a user's smartphone and reveals exactly which external sites these apps are attempting to connect to. "With this application, our goal is to provide a mechanism for end users to be aware of the network activity of their installed Android applications," said Vigneri.

  • LG directs officials, ministers of Delhi Govt. to refer …

    New Delhi, May 4 (ANI): Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung has directed all the officials and ministers of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-led government to refer all the files to him. Jung while referring to the Constitution, the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) Act, 1991 and Transaction of Business Rules, said the role of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers is to aid and advise him. The Lieutenant Governor's direction came after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's instruction to all the departments not to send the files through the former's office.

  • LG Jung issues clarification, directs CM Kejriwal's …

    New Delhi, May 3 (ANI): Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung on Sunday directed that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's instructions to officials regarding the routing of files be withdrawn. Kejriwal had earlier told officials not to route files through the Lieutenant Governor's office. "The Lieutenant Governor has informed the Chief Minister, drawing his attention to the relevant provisions of the Constitution, the GNCTD Act 1991 and the Transaction of Business Rules 1993, which underscore the relationship between the Lt. Governor's and the Chief Minister's office, that the role of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers is to aid and advise the Lt. Governor where the latter is entitled to act solely on his own discretion and all files relating to matters for which Legislative Assembly …

  • Windows 10 feature 'Continuum' transforms smartphones …

    Washington, Apr. 30 (ANI): Microsoft has revealed a new Windows 10 feature called Continuum that allows smartphones running Microsoft's latest OS to transform into desktop PCs when connected to larger screens.

  • LG launches new smart-phone G4

    Washington, Apr. 29 (ANI): LG has launched its new flagship smart phone G4. According to the TechCrunch, LG G4 comes with a 5.5-inch Quad HD (1440 x 2560) quantum screen. It has a 16-megapixel sensor with an extra-bright f/1.8 aperture and second-generation optical image stabilization and also 8-megapixel front camera with improved gesture control that lets users take multiple selfies in one go. G4 also has 3GB of RAM and with 32GB of internal storage, in addition to that a microSD slot.

  • Indian-origin duo develop app to detect sleep apnoea at …

    Washington, April 28 (IANS) A team of Indian-American researchers from the University of Washington (UW) has developed an app that uses a smartphone to wirelessly test for obstructive sleep apnoea in a person's bedroom. Unlike other home sleep aponea tests in use, "ApneaApp" uses inaudible sound waves emanating from the phone's speakers to track breathing patterns without the need of special equipment or sensors attached to the body. "ApneaApp" turns a smartphone into an active sonar system that can detect sleep apnoea events. They send out sound signals that hit a target and when those signals bounce back, they know something is there," explained Rajalakshmi Nandakumar, lead author in the UW's department of computer science and engineering.

  • Nokia dismisses rumours that it's reentering mobile …

    Washington, April 27 (ANI): Week after reports claimed that Nokia was planning to make a comeback to the consumer mobile market as early as next year, the Finnish company has stepped up to dismiss those claims publically.

  • Ariana Grande wins big at 2015 Radio Disney Music Award …

    Los Angeles, April 26 (IANS) Singer Ariana Grande bagged the top honours at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, including the trophy for Best Female Artist and Song Of The Year for her hit track "Problem". The family-friendly show included performances by Fifth Harmony, Becky G, Tori Kelly amongst others. Apart from the Best Female Artist and Song Of The Year trophy, Grande also took home the Radio Disney's Most Talked About Artist award, which took her award tally to three. Other big winners of the night were girl group Fifth Harmony and singer Becky G. while Fifth Harmony clinched the trophies for Best Music Group and Fiercest Fans awards, Becky G won the awards for Catchiest New Song for her single "Shower" and Artist With the Best Style.

  • Apple phones most satisfying for US customers: Study

    New York, April 24 (IANS) Apple ranks highest in overall satisfaction among wireless customers of T-Mobile (844) and Verizon Wireless (837) in the US, according to a study. Highly satisfied owners spend on average, $6 more per month on wireless services than owners with lower satisfaction, the study found. Although smartphone owners continue to cite features as the primary reason for selecting a device, the rate has declined significantly to 32 percent from 38 percent in the 2013 study.

  • Smartphone app to help people with arm paralysis

    London, April 23 (IANS) Now even people with arm paralysis can use smartphones with South Korean researchers developing a new app called 'Dowell'. The app is designed to assist people, who can not use their hands well, and is targeted at users with muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), stroke and other ailments that restrict movement.

  • 'Online streaming has opened up music industry'

    New Delhi, April 22 (IANS) American Electronic Dance Music artist Doctor P, aka Shaun Brockhurst, who performed in Mumbai earlier this month, says online streaming services have helped talented musicians self-release their works, thereby opening up the music industry for creative minds across the globe. If you're a die-hard Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fan, you would know of Doctor P's credentials as a music artiste who redefined the bass drops in dubstep and created his own fusion of house music with raggaeton. The 29-year-old dubstep producer has been in love with electronic music ever since he was 12, when he knew nothing about music or the genre, and now, his tracks like "Tetris" and "Big boss" have garnered millions of views on YouTube. I used to buy all my music on tape, then it changed …

  • Daniel Craig raked-in 3.3m pounds for showing off phone …

    London, Apr.21 (ANI): James Bond's Daniel Craig earned 3.3 million pounds for just holding a mobile phone in the movie 'Skyfall.' Leaked Sony Pictures emails showed that he got the fee from the firm's electronics division for using their Xperia mobile in the movie, the Mirror reported. With the product placement a success, Sony wanted a similar deal for 'Spectre,' but emails showed rival Samsung offered tens of millions more to provide 007's phone.

  • Nokia planning on making comeback with new phone next y …

    Washington, April 21 (ANI): A year after Microsoft acquired Nokia's phone business, the company is reportedly planning to return to the consumer mobile market as early as next year.

  • Xiaomi facing 'growing pain' of counterfeit pro …

    Beijing, April 20 (ANI): After overtaking Apple and Samsung in the world's largest market, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is now facing the threat posed by counterfeiters. Chief Executive Officer Lei Jun said that due to the large number of fakes available in the market, the firm's Mi Power Bank battery pack for smartphones sold 14.6 million units last year, less than half of what the total should have been.

  • EU levels antitrust charges against Google

    Brussels, April 15 (IANS) The European Commission has accused Google of abusing its dominance in internet searches by "systematically" promoting its own products, while it announced the opening of an antitrust investigation to include its Android mobile operating system, Efe news agency reported on Wednesday. "The European Commission has sent a statement of objections to Google alleging the company has abused its dominant position in the markets for general internet search services in the European Economic Area by systematically favoring its own comparison shopping product in its general search results pages," the commission said in a statement. European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager said in a press conference that their "preliminary view in the statement of objections is …

  • Nokia buys Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 bn

    Helsinki, April 15 (IANS) Finnish telecommunication giant Nokia announced on Wednesday the acquisition of French rival Alcatel-Lucent in a deal worth 15.6 billion euros ($16.6 billion). The deal, the biggest in the sector in more than a decade, is set to be finalised through a public exchange offer of shares between the two companies, whereby Alcatel-Lucent shareholders will receive 0.55 shares in the new company for each share of the old one, Efe news agency reported. According to the transaction, Nokia shareholders would own 66.5 percent of the merged company, while the shareholders of the Franco-American rival would own 33.5 percent, creating a giant with roughly 114,000 employees, and sales in the ballpark of 26 billion euros. The new company, set to be called Nokia Corporation and based …

  • Vistara selects BAE's in-flight entertainment syste …

    Hamburg, April 14 (IANS) Indian passenger carrier Vistara Tuesday said that it has selected avionics major BAE Systems' in-flight entertainment (IFE) system to provide preloaded content to its passengers across all three cabin classes in its fleet of Airbus A-320 aircraft.

  • I clawed my way to the top: Robert Downey Jr

    Los Angeles, April 14 (IANS) Actor Robert Downey Jr was presented with the Generation Award at MTV Movie Awards by his "Avengers" co-stars. In his acceptance speech, he talked about how he has "literally clawed" his way to the top. The 50-year-old actor was presented with the Generation Award on Sunday at the Nokia Theater here by Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner -- who all dropped down to their knees when he took to the stage -- and recalled his past troubles and struggles that he has turned away from and seen his career go from strength to strength, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

  • Motorola launches Moto E 4G in India on Flipkart at Rs  …

    Washington, Apr. 13 (ANI): Motorola is launching its smart phone Moto E 4G in India.

  • Microsoft launches public preview of Office 2016

    Washington, May 5 (ANI): Microsoft has released public preview of its Office 2016. According to CNET, the new Office 2016 public preview is available for download. The new preview is available to Office 365 subscribers. The Microsoft Office 2016 will work on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 PCs, laptops and tablets.

  • AIR launches mobile app for Android users

    New Delhi, May 4 (ANI): All India Radio (AIR) has launched a mobile application for Android users, which will be available for a free download on the Google Play Store. The app, which was launched on April 30, is called 'All India Radio Live' and will soon be available on iOs, Windows and other platforms. "We are pleased to share that very soon AIR Live mobile app will be available for other platforms also. Our IT team is continuously at work and we hope to get connected through all mobile platforms shortly," said AIR director general Fayyaz Sheheryar.

  • With 7,250 dead, Nepal seeks more international aid

    Kathmandu, May 3 (IANS) Nepal on Sunday told the international community to urgently step up its earthquake relief as the toll from the April 25 temblor rose to 7,250, with 2.8 million people displaced across the Himalayan nation. Underlining the gravity of the situation, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala told a top UN official here that relief goods reaching the country were not enough and that the world must speed up its efforts to help his battered nation. The Nepal Army, which is coordinating the massive rescue and search operations, also said international aid had not arrived in the manner Kathmandu needed to face its worst natural disaster since 1934. Tents, mats, blankets, contraceptives, squatting pans, dust bins, utensils -- Nepal has sent out an updated list of what it needs following …

  • With 7,100 dead, Nepal seeks more international aid

    Kathmandu, May 3 (IANS) Nepal on Sunday told the international community to urgently step up its earthquake relief as the death toll from the April 25 temblor climbed to 7,100, with 2.8 million people displaced across the Himalayan nation. Underlining the gravity of the situation, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala told a top UN official here that relief goods reaching Nepal were not enough and that the world must speed up its efforts to help his battered country sandwiched between India and China. The Nepal Army, which is coordinating the massive rescue and search operations, also said that international aid had not arrived in the manner Kathmandu needed to face its worst natural disaster since 1934. Tents, mats, blankets, contraceptives, squatting pans, dust bins, utensils... Nepal has sent …

  • Nepal seeks clothes, contraceptives, medicines...

    Kathmandu, May 3 (IANS) Tents, mats, blankets, contraceptives, squatting pans, dust bins, utensils... Nepal has sent out an updated list of what it needs following the country's deadly earthquake.

  • Jharkhand: Security forces apprehend 2 armed Maoists

    Khunti (Jharkhand), May 3 (ANI): Security forces apprehended two Maoists from the Khunti district of Jharkhand on Sunday, recovering large quantities of arms and ammunition from the extremists. "We received information in the morning that some Maoists forces had been seen in the district. They were also involved in extortion and used to threaten and kill police informants in the area," Khunti Superintendent of Police Aneesh Gupta told the media.

  • Afghan court shows video of mob lynching woman in Kabul

    Afghan court shows video of mob lynching woman in Kabul

    Afghan court shows video of mob lynching woman in Kabul

    By Hamid Shalizi KABUL (Reuters) - Video of a crowd killing an Afghan woman accused of burning pages from a Koran was shown in court on Sunday in the trial of nearly 50 people over a lynching that prompted outrage and protests in Kabul. A total of 49 men, including several police officers, are on trial in the killing. I dispatched a team there immediately, but unfortunately we could not save her," Kabul Police Chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi told the court.

  • Pakistan sets up special fund for quake-hit Nepal

    Islamabad, May 3 (IANS) Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has set up a special relief fund for the quake-hit people of Nepal, a top official said on Sunday. Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said at a news conference here that Pakistanis at home and abroad can send their contributions to the fund, Xinhua news agency reported. A senior official of the country's disaster management agency said Pakistan has earmarked $3-4 million for relief activities in Nepal. Pakistan has already sent six C-130 aircraft loaded with relief consignments, including tents, medicines and food items, to Kathmandu.

  • Study says phablets eating phones, tablets

    Washington, May 03 (ANI): According to a new report from Yahoo-owned mobile analytics firm Flurry, smartphone users are increasingly buying phablets as they spend less time talking on the phone and more on screens while playing games, reading or chatting with friends. After analyzing the top slot of data taken from the 1.6 billion devices it tracks every month, Flurry found that phablets had more than tripled their share of usage since last year, reported TechCrunch. In January 2014, Flurry found that only six percent of the users were on phablets as opposed to 68 percent using phones that had a screen size between 3.5 inches and 4.9 inches.

  • IS militants throw 'gay' man off building, stone …

    London, May 03 (ANI): Islamic State (IS) militants have thrown a 'gay' man off the roof of a building and stoned him to death as he lay extremely wounded on the ground.

  • Uber under probe in China for 'organising private drivers …

    London, May 02 (ANI): Uber office in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has been raided by authorities as the company is under investigation for "organising private drivers to provide unlicensed businesses". According to BBC, equipments including mobile phones have been seized by the local transport, police and industry bodies. The Guangzhou Transport Commission said in a recent statement that the law enforcement department is cracking down on illegal businesses as these activities disrupt the market. Uber was launched in China in 2014 and its service is now available in the capital, Beijing and other cities of Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

  • Muscular dystrophy telethon, long run by Jerry Lewis, ends …

    The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) said Friday it will end its long-standing Labor Day telethon, aired on the ABC network, to focus on more digital fundraising efforts after the success of last year's ALS Ice Bucket challenge. The organisation's annual telethon, hosted by comedian Jerry Lewis from its inception in 1956, has seen its broadcast cut from its standard 21 and a half hours, last seen during Lewis' final hosting stint in 2010, to just two hours last year. "In the last few years, the show was adjusted to reflect changes in viewership and donor patterns," MDA's president and chief executive, Steven M. Derks, said. "Last summer's Ice Bucket Challenge once again affirmed for us that today's families, donors and sponsors are looking to us for new, creative and organic ways to …

  • Icons of our times

    More than a billion people use emojis.

  • Britney Spears to launch her video game

    Los Angeles, May 1 (IANS) Singer Britney Spears is getting her own video game and has signed an eight-year partnership with a game developer. The "Toxic" hitmaker has inked an eight-year mobile gaming partnership with Glu Mobile, the San Francisco-based developer behind the game "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood", reports aceshowbiz.com. Glu Mobile's CEO Niccolo de Masi said: "We've signed an exclusive mobile gaming partnership with (Britney) Spears for up to eight years. People like Britney Spears obviously have been successful for more than a decade.

  • '...Hanumaaan' to have online premiere before TV …

    Mumbai, May 1 (IANS) Sony Entertainment Television's forthcoming mythological series "Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan" will have its online premiere on mobile application Sony LIV before the first episode is aired on TV. The online premiere will take place on May 4 at 12 p.m. before its on-air telecast at 8 p.m. The show will present the tale of lord Hanuman from the perspective of lord Krishna.

  • Online voting comes a step closer to reality

    London, May 1 (IANS) Even as voters gear up to stand in queue for Britain's upcoming general election this month, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have developed a technique to allow people to vote online - even if their home computers are suspected of being infected with viruses. Taking inspiration from the security devices issued by some banks, Gurchetan Grewal and colleagues from the University of Birmingham have developed a system that allows people to vote by employing independent hardware devices in conjunction with their personal computers. "This is currently the only piece of work that addresses a core problem of e-voting - namely, that someone may have viruses or other malware on their computer," noted Grewal, who is part of the project team and recently completed his …

  • Chess player expelled from a tournament for cheating

    Chess player expelled from a tournament for cheating

    Chess player expelled from a tournament for cheating

    Dhruv Kakkar was debarred from the Dr. Hedgewar Open after he was caught cheating with mobile phones and other equipments.

  • Infectious diarrhoea viruses can spread by air

    Ottawa, May 1 (IANS) Noroviruses, a group of viruses responsible for over half of global gastroenteritis cases, can spread by air up to several metres from an infected person, warns a new study. "The measures applied in hospital settings are only designed to limit direct contact with infected patients," said lead researcher Caroline Duchaine, professor at the Laval University in Canada. Use of mobile air filtration units or the wearing of respiratory protection around patients with gastroenteritis are measures worth testing," Duchaine noted. The viruses were detected in 54 percent of the rooms housing patients with gastroenteritis, 38 percent of the hallways leading to their rooms, and 50 percent of nursing stations.

  • A tough match

    Days after media reports speculated that PM Narendra Modi wants India to organise the 2024 Olympics in Ahmedabad, CM Anandiben Patel also seems to be eyeing a ride on the bandwagon.

  • Didier Drogba receives the Barclays Spirit of the Game  …

    Didier Drogba receives the Barclays Spirit of the Game  …

    Didier Drogba receives the Barclays Spirit of the Game  …

    Drogba has been an active contributor to a number of causes in Africa

  • More people reading news on smartphones: Pew survey

    New York, April 30 (IANS) Readers are increasingly shifting to their smartphones to access news than their PCs, says a Pew Research Centre survey. In a comprehensive study that seeks to capture the state of media, Pew also said the newspaper business continues to decline while TV news remains resilient, USA Today reported. Newspaper ad revenue fell four percent last year to $19.9 billion -- less than half of what it was a decade ago -- but local TV news revenue grew seven percent to about $20 billion. Newspaper publishers have a reason to hold onto their ink barrels as well, with $16.4 billion still spent on print ads.

  • A robot that loves to walk in the grass

    New York, April 30 (IANS) Scientists have invented a new robot that can easily walk on uneven terrain and on grass. The researchers at the Oregon State University said the technology used in the two-legged robot heralds the running robots of the future. The recent test demonstrated how their "ATRIAS" robot can move quite nicely, keep its balance and withstand mild blows from a bouncing rubber ball, while taking a walk in the grass, up and down hill, and over varying terrain at a normal walking speed of around five kmph. "Animals with legs sort of flow in the energy used, in which retained kinetic energy is just nudged by very efficient muscles and tendons to continue the movement once it has begun," said Jonathan Hurst, director of the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory at OSU.

  • Britney Spears to star in mobile video game app

    Washington, Apr 30 (ANI): Britney Spears is all set star in a mobile video game app just like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry.

  • Microsoft says Windows 10 will run reworked Android, iOS …

    Washington, April 30 (ANI): While announcing its plans to get mobile apps on Windows 10, Microsoft has also declared that developers will be able to bring their existing code to the operating software. The tech giant's two new software development kits will allow iOS and Android developers to port their apps and games directly to Windows universal apps. While on the Android side, Microsoft has enabled developers to use Java and C++ code on Windows 10, iOS developers will be able to take advantage of their existing Objective C code, reported The Verge.

  • Nepal earthquake: Aerial photos of remote Gorkha district …

    Nepal earthquake: Aerial photos of remote Gorkha district …

    Nepal earthquake: Aerial photos of remote Gorkha district …

    Tiny villages clinging to the remote mountainsides of Gorkha District, near the epicentre of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal, have been ravaged. Rescue helicopters have been unable to land in some remote mountainous areas.