This Sci-Fi Art Will Transport You to a Parallel World

Do you remember The Jetsons? The cartoon show with flying saucer-shaped houses and the Jetson family going around on their fancy flying bikes and cars? We’d always imagine and ask ourselves, when will we get there? Now, a Pakistani illustrator has painted a sci-fi version of how his country could possibly look in the future.

Omar Gillani’s ‘Pakistan +’ will transport you to a parallel world where flying jets cohere with the mundanity of today’s age with ease.

Roadside Dhaba

Gully Cricket

Pindi Boyz


Dhaba 3000

Desert Warrior Aunty

'Chai K Liye Kuch De Dein'

Smog City

Somewhere In Punjab, Sometime In Future

Pashtun Warrior

Gillani is a mechanical engineer and gains inspiration from his profession and his surroundings as a city dweller.