‘Schumacher of the Sky’ dies after crash at Al Khor Air strip

Basil Fysal

Author : Basil Fysal

Legendary Stunt Pilot and world champion air racer, Captain Tamas Nadas, died after crashing his plane while performing a gutsy and impressive performance at the Al Khor Air Strip in Doha, Qatar. Tamas, who was flying his plane upside down in his Zivko Edge 540, lost control of the aircraft and crashed into the runway. Although rescue teams and fire engines rushed to the scene, they were incapable of  saving  the 44-year-old’s life.

The Qatar Mile event, organised by Qatar Racing Club was seen as the “biggest speed festival of the region”.

“The plane was flying upside down very close to the runway and I thought it wobbled a little before crashing to the ground at the end of the airstrip. I immediately knew it was going to be serious,” said Zaman, a racing enthusiast and witness.


A snap taken moments before Nadas’ plane crashed.

Following the incident, Qatar Racing Club offered their warm condolences:

“On behalf of Qatar Racing Club we would like to inform you that the Qatar Mile will not take place tomorrow (Saturday) as scheduled,” the statement said. “This is in respect for the courageous pilot Tamas Nadas who unfortunately lost his life today in the airshow doing what he loved. We would like to express our deepest condolences and our prayers are with his family and friends, may his soul rest in peace.”

The Hungarian, popularly known as “Schumacher of the sky”, finished 1st in the 10th FAI World Advanced Aerobatic Championship in 2012. He was also voted by the Hungarian Aviation Association as the ‘ Aerobatics Pilot of the Year’ in 2013.