Schoolchildren propagate message of peace, brotherhood

Students are considered the future of any country. They can not only take our country ahead in terms of economics but also in terms of social development. They are expected to wash away all the sins of the society with their fresh and positive outlook. The same was recently witnessed at a primary school in Purulia district of West Bengal. Though, the name of the school is Manbazar Urdu primary School but it caters to students of all communities in the Manbazar development block. Students of different religious beliefs study, play and eat together, setting a perfect example of communal harmony. Manbazar Urdu primary School was established in 1930 and since then it has been spreading the message of peace and brotherhood. At present there are 60 students of different communities. The message of brotherly love has transcended from the four walls of this school to the entire area. Taking a cue from their children, people living in the nearby area are also bound by a common thread of love, irrespective of their religion. The school management has not left any stone unturned to spread across the message of communal harmony. In every way, school management tries to give the message of togetherness whether it is by distributing gifts, books or through mid-day meal scheme. Time and again, the people of our country showcase how India embraces all its cultural differences and thrive as a nation with utmost respect and love towards each other's religion.