School tries to prevent students from giving Telangana SSC exam over non-payment of fees

Asmita Sarkar
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A school in Telangana has locked away 19 students to forbid them from taking SSC exams over non-payment of fees.

Acting on a tip-off, the police rushed to Saritha Vidya Niketan to free the students and let them take the exams on Saturday. 

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One of the parents filed a complaint with the police accusing the school management for locking up children for an hour in the school premises. He alleged the school administration had said the children would be permitted to give the exam only after clearing their dues. Police have filed a case for wrongful confinement and under Juvenile Justice act against the school. 

In another school -- SVV High School -- in Telangana, the principal asked female students to remove their burkhas during the SSC exam on Saturday. Though the girls had removed the veil, the principal insisted on removing burkha as well. 

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The girls protested against being forced to remove their burkhas and called their parents. The conflict between the principal and parents heightened when local leaders and police arrived at the spot. 

The district education officer said a Muslim girl candidate can give her exam while wearing a burkha. He instructed the schools to take the help of female invigilators to confirm the girl's identity.

SSC exams began in Telangana on March 14 and will go on till March 30. Exams begin at 9.30 am and end at 12.30 pm. First Language Paper-II (Group-A) and First Language Paper-II (Composite Course) exams were held on Saturday.

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