Scary! Video shows Tiger chasing tourist Jeep in Ranthambore National Park

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Spotting a tiger is on the top of the list of almost every tourist especially those visiting national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Visitors to the Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan suffered a shocking encounter instead when a tiger started to chase their vehicle. The 19-second video tweeted by ANI is in equal parts chilling and frightening. It shows the big cat chasing a safari jeep. The driver can be seen in the video trying to outrun the tiger but the big cat keeps chasing the jeep until it changed its direction and sped away to safety. The tiger also after some time slowed its pace.

Ever since it was posted, the viral video has been seen 35,000 times. Twitter has been flooded by comments on the same. Many speculated if the tourists had troubled the animal in some manner while others tweeted that humans should not disturb animals living in their natural habitats. Others said that human entry into forests and reserves should be banned. A user had tweeted only forest officials should be allowed into forests.

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The incident comes days after it was found that the Panna Tiger Reserve or PTR located around the Bundelkhand region is now facing the problem of overpopulation of tigers. Tigers are not only going out of the core area and into the buffer zone. Many of them have been travelling further away. Earlier, it took a long period of time for forest authorities to admit that Panna had lost its tiger population. In 2009, they made a public admission about the same. Two tigresses were relocated from Bandhavgarh and Kanha in March 2009. This led to tiger reintroduction in the region.

The success of reintroducing tigers in PTR has inspired forest official to try the method in other reserves across the country. A proposal for the reintroduction of rhinos in Corbett Tiger Reserve has been approved by the Uttarakhand wildlife advisory board has also been recently approved.