'I was so scared they were gonna do worse stuff': Popular beauty vlogger shares the story of her assault on Twitter

Beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials took to Twitter to bravely recount her physical assault. (Photo: Nikkie de Jager via Twitter)

Beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager, aka NikkieTutorials, has shared a story of assault on Twitter.

Nikkie was in Amsterdam to “dance the night away with friends” when, she says, two men attacked her and attempted to steal her purse. In her Twitter account, the night began in the usual way, with her attempt to keep her makeup simple.

The next morning, Nikkie updated her followers on how her evening ended: with a physical assault. She wrote, “last night in Amsterdam I was assaulted by two men. they hardcore kicked my foot, I fell down and their goal was for me to drop my purse, so they could take it. DIDN’T DROP IT, so they ran off. Assholes.” Note to thieves: Do not try to mess with a beauty blogger‘s purse.

She describes the assault as an “eye opener,” a violent reminder that people can have “evil intentions.” Her friends reported the incident to police, but the assailants seem to have gotten away. Aside from a swollen foot and two broken nails, Nikkie went home physically unharmed, but the mental effects of the attack are still with her: She’s already noticed herself feeling more jumpy and easily startled.

Nikkie’s over 900,000 Twitter followers are working to comfort her in the wake of the attack, and it seems their kind words are actually helping. She’s received thousands of responses to her story, from cheerful well-wishers to fans sending words of advice. Even fellow beauty guru Jaclyn Hill reached out to send over some good vibes.

For her part, Nikkie is back in business and still killing the YouTube beauty game. She’s already uploaded a new video: “WORLD’S WORST BLUSH?? Testing BLACK CREAM BLUSH!” If she can manage to make even black blush look cute, she’s definitely strong enough to overcome anything.

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