SC bashes Mistry's appeal for restoration as Executive Chairman in Tata Group; Favors Tata Sons

The order of National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) restoring Cyrus Mistry as the executive chairman of the Tata Group was ruled off by the SC. Hailing the judgement in favor of Tata sons stating that all questions of law are in favor of Tata group and the Tata Shares values depend on equity and it's completely their decision to as to how to deal with it, bench lead suggested that a legal route be taken to further discuss issues of shares and left the decision open to Tata group. Cyrus Mistry was restored as the Executive chairman of the conglomerate last year in February in opposition to which Tata group had filed their disagreements and regained ownership today. Reciprocating gratitude Ratan Tata responded with a Tweet thanking and appreciating the Justice still at par.