Saving Money From Taxes Is Now A #Notsotaxing Experience

Someone has rightly said that saving money is tougher than earning it. No wonder then you have experts writing books and doling out gyaan on television shows on how to save money. At the end of every financial year, people make a beeline for their CAs and consultants to help them file taxes. Those who don’t even know who the finance minister is start following the Budget closely. Is managing finances then a really big deal? Well, it does seem like it.

The Quint went out on the streets of Delhi to speak to youngsters about their financial tensions. Going by what we heard and saw, saving money from taxes was a pain point for a lot of them.

Watch the video for yourself to see what the youth have to say.

But what if we tell you that saving money from taxes is after all #NotSoTaxing. In fact, it’s simple. Yes, you are not dreaming, so please don’t ask anyone to pinch you. Also, don’t expect someone to snap their fingers and jolt you with reality because THIS IS reality. With Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, saving taxes is a #NotSoTaxing experience.

If you are young and thanks to demonetisation, have fairly large bank balances, you can make the most of it by investing in Birla Sun Life Tax Relief '96. For those who find the word ‘ínvestment’ intimidating, let us tell you that you all need to do is invest small amounts on a monthly basis and you are sorted for a really long time.

As the name of the plan suggests, you end up saving your hard-earned money from tax. What’s more is that if you withdraw your investment after 3 years, the returns will be tax-free*. We bet some of you have heard the term ‘tax-free’ only in connection with the movies, but believe us, your returns can be tax-free too.

Should you need any more convincing to invest in this plan, leave everything you are doing and click here.

*As per prevailing tax laws

Disclaimer: Investors are advised to consult their tax advisor in view of individual nature of tax benefits. Investors are requested to note that fiscal laws may change from time to time and there can be no guarantee that the current tax position may continue in the future.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme related documents carefully.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme related documents carefully. (Photo: Birla Sun Life)