Savelight Anti-glare Blue Mirrors Open Up a Clear View to the Global Horizon

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Taichung City, Taiwan – People are all familiar with blue light filters in the form of the anti-glare coating on rear-view mirrors, or the tempered glass used in mobile phones. But what are they made of, and how do they protect the eyes?

For four decades, Liang Yuchi’s family has operated an auto repair plant in Xiushui, Changhua, which specializes in luxury models such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Liang has gradually developed his own proprietary technology, “Savelight Anti-glare Blue Mirrors” for rear-view mirrors, and founded a company to research, manufacture, and market them.

Special Anti-Glare Technology Improves Safety for Cars and Motorcycles

Since blue light is harmful to the human eye, the early practice was to tint the mirrors blue. However, the blue coating would easily peel off, so technology was developed that enabled the pigment to be placed in an interlayer. In cooperation with the mirror coating factory, Mr. Liang and his R&D team found that although conventional blue-tinted rear-view mirrors improve light transmission and reduce diffusion, they offer little protection against sudden exposure to dazzling brightness, which is the cause of many traffic accidents. Their solution was to use a light and thin (but very strong) coating of gold nanoparticles embedded in non-conductive titanium oxide. They also switched from a flat to a convex surface, reducing the blind spot and expanding the field of view by 35 degrees.

According to company marketing director Chen Mingxian, the combination of new tinting technology, wide-angle view, and resistance to glare, fogging and rain accumulation has won international accolades. The new “Savelight Anti-glare Blue Mirrors” passed Japan Industrial Specification (JIS) quality certification, and were exported to Japan, the United States, and other industrial countries. They have also been supplied to a number of Taiwan-based manufacturers of various types of cars (including electric cars) and motorcycles as an optional product. Their performance has surpassed that of major manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz. At the same time, costs have been brought down from over two thousand US dollars, to about one thousand and two hundred dollars. The combination of extremely high specifications and low prices among similar products has proved quite competitive.

In order to promote automotive safety and smooth travel, “Savelight Anti-glare Blue Mirrors” has taken the lead in initiating an inspection service for repair shops, and invited moderators from the online community to participate in Taiwan-based events promoting their rear-view mirrors. From time to time we hold safety workshops. All car or motorcycle clubs are welcome to make an appointment to arrange for a DIY installation event. People also welcome the interest of other countries in co-organizing local inspection and installation activities. People look forward to working together to reduce the risk of travel, so that every family can enjoy a safe and beautiful trip.

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