#SaveDehingPatkai: Assam Environmentalists Campaign Online to Save Dehing Patkai, the ‘Amazon of the East’ After NBWL Approves Coal Mining in the Forest Region

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Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as the Amazon of the East is located in the Dibrugarh and Tinsukia Districts of Assam. It forms the largest stretch of tropical lowland rainforests in India. The Dehing Patkai is also the only rainforest in Assam. However, the Sanctuary is now in danger. Amid the lockdown, the National Board of Wildlife (NBWL) in April, 2020 approved a coal-mining project in the Saleki reserve forest which is a part of Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve. The decision was announced through a video conference call, chaired by Prakash Javadekar, the chairman of NBWL, also the Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change of our country. The announcement sparked protests by environmentalists and everyone else in Assam. #SaveDehingPatkai is trending on social media, with people campaigning online to save the only rainforest in the state. 'Save Aarey' Setback: Bombay High Court Dismisses All Petitions Challenging BMC Decision Allowing Felling of Over 2,700 Trees For Metro Car Shade. 

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The Dehing Patkai Wildlife covers an area of 111.19 km2 rainforest. NBWL has permitted the Coal India Limited to start extraction in 98.59 hectares of land at Dehing Patkai. It will entirely destroy the Sanctuary. Because of the lockdown, the disagreement between the government and people was not initially seen. But after Gauhati University students initiated a campaign online to save the wildlife, it started getting the momentum. With the help of social media, people in Assam are trying to reach the centre, urging other cities to stand with them to protect nature.

The Gauhati University Post Graduate students also alleged that illegal mining has already been going on by the coal mafias in the forest. The recent decision by the government might ruin the Sanctuary completely. The environmental activists have also started an online petition to save the Amazon of the East.

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Amazon of the East

People in Assam Are Sad With the Decision

Save Nature

The Only Rainforest in Assam

Save the Green

Say No to Coal Mining

Being a complete virgin rainforest, this Sanctuary is very rich in biodiversity. But the region is already threatened by high polluting, industries, such as coal mines, oil refineries and gas drilling that affect the biodiversity of this region. The place is home to more than 292 bird species, 47 reptile species, 30 butterfly species, pig-tailed macaque, stump-tailed macaque, capped langur, Asian elephant, Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, gaur, Chinese pangolin, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan squirrel, leopard cat, and many more.