Save your hair and the environment by using organic products

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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Save your hair and the environment by using organic products
Save your hair and the environment by using organic products

29 Oct 2020: Save your hair and the environment by using organic products

A normal person loses around 50-100 hair strands daily. But if your hair loss surpasses this, you should contact experts to learn about the strategies to slow such a rapid rate.

Hair loss isn't always age-related. PCOS, dandruff, poor nutrition, and lack of essential vitamins can cause it too.

Once you know the real reason behind your hair loss, the treatment will become easier.

Reason: Why should you ditch chemicals and go organic?

It's common to think that all hair health problems need medicinal treatment.

However, there are some exceptional cases where organic products can help with some balding concerns.

The market is flooded with hair products that have harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients that cause roughness, irritation on the scalp, and other side effects.

Due to these adverse effects, it's wise to use organic hair products.

Johnny Slicks: Grooming brand Johnny Slicks has a range of organic products

Johnny Slicks is a grooming brand that doesn't just make products, but they also invent new grooming products by utilizing organic materials only.

Normal companies outsource products from China for a cheaper price, but Johnny Slicks purchases all materials natively, regardless of the costs.

Read ahead to know the benefits of buying and using these types of organic hair products.

Longevity: Organic hair products will help nourish your hair for longevity

Sometimes, to tackle the stress in your life, all you can do is take a hot bath, shampoo, and condition your hair.

However, when you use synthetic products that include harsh chemicals, it dries your scalp and steals all the moisture and natural nourishment from your hair, which ultimately damages your hair.

Using organic hair products will help nourish your hair for longevity.

Detox: These products help in detox, can make hair more manageable

Nearly every product that we use contains pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, and toxins. Therefore, switching to organic products can help in detoxification.

Also, we're told not to shampoo hair daily because harsh chemicals in our shampoo damage our follicles and make our hair rough.

However, organic hair products are gentle, which means daily shampooing is quite easy now.

Say goodbye to unclean, greasy hair.

Effectiveness: Organic products are more effective in the long run

When you start using organic products, they slowly heal your scalp and hair roots that are damaged due to harsh chemicals from synthetic products.

Organic hair products provide nourishing, natural ingredients that help in promoting healthier hair.

This means instead of buying chemicals and then going to specialists for remedies, start with organic products which will keep your hair safe for a longer time.

Valuable: These may seem expensive, but they are totally worth it

Organic hair products are slightly more expensive than other products.

This is because synthetic products are made from harsh chemicals that are easily available in the market.

However, organic products contain everything natural and organic which is grown with tremendous effort and care.

The natural support for healthy hair and skin provides far more value than any synthetic product available.

Environment: Manufacturing of synthetic products harms the environment

The biggest con of synthetic hair products is the environmental cost. The manufacturing of these products happens in factories that emit harmful fumes and gases.

Moreover, every shampoo that flows in the drain is disposed of in our sewage systems, which has damaging effects on the environment.

So make the switch to organic hair products for a healthier head and a healthier world.