Saudi King offers support to Egyptian Military in fight against Islamic movement

Washington, Aug. 19 (ANI): Saudi King Abdullah is one of the most prominent foreign supporters of Egypt's military generals in their armed push against Egypt's Islamic movement.

The King is sending field hospitals and words of support over the weekend for what he called Egypt's fight against terrorism and extremism.

According to the Wall Street Journal, King Abdullah declared that what was happening in Egypt was an Arab affair.

On Saturday, the Saudi government said it was sending three field hospitals to Egypt in the interests of 'standing by and supporting the brotherly Egyptian people' amid continuing street violence there, the report said.

The Egyptian military's crackdown also appears to have revealed a new split between Saudi Arabia and its close ally, the U.S.

The Obama administration last week canceled a planned joint military exercise with Egypt to protest the Egyptian government's bloody breakup of sit-ins by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The U.S. has urged curbing the violence between Islamists and Egypt's government, while stopping short of threatening to cut off military aid to the country, the report added. (ANI)