Saudi King 'Personally Intervenes' in Khashoggi Case After Being 'Kept in the Dark' About Killing
Automated accounts known as bots have flooded social media in recent weeks, many of them promoting messages which support Saudi Arabia and are intended to cast doubt on allegations that the kingdom was involved in Khashoggi's death.

New Delhi: Amid revelations that 'suggest' Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince ordered the death of Jamal Khashoggi, King Salman has now decided to 'personally intervene' in the journalist's case after allegedly being kept in the dark about the crisis by his powerful son's aides.

The Daily Mail quoted five sources with links to the Saudi royal family as saying that the 82-year-old monarch has felt compelled to intervene due to the 'grave' crisis.

King Salman has delegated vast powers to his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, essentially handing him the day-to-day running of the kingdom. But his 33-year-old heir is facing a battle to contain the fallout from the disappearance of Khashoggi amid claims the journalist was murdered after entering the Saudi embassy in Istanbul on October 2.

The monarch has also ordered the restructuring of the command of the general intelligence agency under the supervision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The official Saudi press agency stated that the the order also included updating regulations, determining the agency's powers, and evaluating its methods and procedures.

The Daily Mail report further said that the revelations emerged as the former head of MI6 said evidence suggests Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince ordered the death of Khashoggi.