Saudi Arabia warns citizens against fighting in Syria

Dubai, Mar. 26 (ANI): Saudi Arabia has warned its citizens fighting against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria that they will be detained immediately upon their return to the Kingdom. In comments published by Saudi media, a Saudi interior ministry official said that participation in the fighting in Syria is in violation of Saudi laws. According to Gulf News, Major General Mansour Turki, spokesman at the Saudi interior ministry, said that anyone who is proven to be intending to travel to Syria to join the fight against the regime they will be investigated and barred from travelling. He added that some who had been involved with al Qaeda in foreign countries may be heading to Syria or elsewhere to wage war. The warning follows after recent reports in the Saudi press about deaths of Saudi fighters in Syria. According to the report, international media has reported that hundreds of Saudi youths have entered Syria via Turkey and Jordan to fight. Turki said that Saudi Arabia has information about the presence of "some Saudi citizens" in Syria, but did not know their numbers, the report added. (ANI)