SAU students participate in LILA conference


New Delhi, Mar. 9 (ANI): Students of the South Asian University in New Delhi participated in a conference organised by the LILA foundation on Monday. In the conference, the students interacted with philosopher Adrian Vavigante, economist Debdatta Saha and yoga expert Navtej Johar Omar Sadr, an Afghani student of International Relations, felt such events are helpful for the participants. "Such programmes urge the student to think beyond their disciplinary boundaries. Usually, the modern knowledge of the universities make the students think in a narrow, linear manner. That is not the way to do things and we can do it more creatively," he said. "In a university, there are different students in different departments. One usually learns to think in one way, but the LILA collaboration is helping students to think in various different ways, which is not focused on only one thing," Rashmi from Nepal said. The LILA-SAU collaboration aims to create a new movement in inter-disciplinary studies in the South-Asian region. The Lila Foundation helps students to learn through different ways. The speakers bring perspectives from different disciplines, different knowledge and different sciences to broaden students' mind and think creatively. (ANI)